A Birthday in the Life

Today Brady turned 4 and I, as is my wont, spent most of the time following him around with a camera 😉

There were balloons

And chocolate chip smiley face pancakes (with a candle of course)

Birthday nachos

And then a trip to the aquarium



And a quick trip to the store where Brady cashed in all his coins (do your kids love the Coinstar machine? mine kinda thinks it’s the coolest thing ever) and bought himself a Cars 2 game for the Wii and a slinky.

We came home and waited  a little while for Papa to get home and then there was opening and playing with an easel from Mommy and Daddy


And some pretty awesome car tracks from Gramma and Papa


And, finally, the birthday boys favorite dinner (with yet another candle)

Some cake and singing

One last candle in his slice for good measure

And off to bed with a happy, worn out, newly-minted 4 year old


And I’m headed that way, too. Birthdays are exhausting and we still have his actual party on Sunday (it’s going to be at the bowling alley with all of his little playgroup/preschool buddies. I’m betting on equal parts chaotic and awesome). In honor of Brady’s birthday we’re on Spring Break this week, but I’ll be back next week with an update, hope you’re all doing well.