Playing Catch-up

April has been a long and busy month for us. I had a terrible cold at the beginning of the month, followed immediately by a slipped disc in my back, and this week I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Throw Brady’s birthday and party in there (and our scheduled Spring Break the same week) and it goes without saying that our usual school schedule has been thrown-off more than a little. We’ve been plugging away at it when we get the chance, though, and I thought I’d catch you up with what we’ve covered.

Phonics blends: wh/sl/sn/sm/sp/sc/sk. We also finished the first unit in the First Grade Hooked on Phonics book, reviewed it, read “Slim Sam” and started on the 2nd unit.

Math: We worked on our times tables for 3 and 4.

Time math: showing time on digital and analog clocks, showing time 1 hour or 1 half hour later, intro to quarter hour

Money math: adding groups of pennies, nickels, and dimes, circling or drawing the correct number of coins for purchases, intro to quarters

Geography: Intro to Canada and British Columbia

Science: Our science projects have been all about things that grow

We planted tomatoes and daisies (from kits Brady received in his Easter basket, clearly I let him plant too many tomato seeds and they need to be transferred)

We continue to observe our tadpoles (who have legs now!)

We tinted some daisies purple and talked about capillary action (you can sort of maybe almost see the purple in this picture, it was the best one I got)


And we did an experiment with yeast where Brady added spoonfuls of yeast to 3 cups of warm water and then added sugar to one, salt to another, and nothing to the third (idea  from “More Mudpies to Magnets“). The goggles kill me dead.

Anatomy: We’re talking about bones this month so we talked about and found all the joints on our bodies and then I took a marker and traced the bones we could feel in Brady’s arms, legs, chest, and back. He liked how it tickled and had fun scrubbing the washable marker off in the shower when we were done.

We’re also still talking about the heart and blood cells because Brady is still showing a lot of interest in that subject especially what red cells do vs what white cells do. We’ve watched “Osmosis Jones” and Brady requests Bill Nye YouTube videos about the cardiovascular system nearly daily.

Art: We did egg splatter painting (inspiration from Teach Preschool) with our leftover plastic Easter eggs. I filled the eggs with paint and Brady tapped them on the side of the  bin before cracking them. I neglected to actually read Deborah’s tips before doing this project so 1) our eggs had holes in the bottom and 2) I didn’t thin the paint like I should have. In the end this was ok and we ended up doing something like marble painting when I had Brady shake the bin so the eggs would roll and spread the paint around.

We made some art in the salad spinner (idea from In Lieu of Preschool)

We did some rainbow daisy stamping (idea from teaching-tiny-tots)

And we made some smelly sunflowers (idea from Kids Matter, but Brady just did the leaves and stems with a brush)

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