Nutrition for preschoolers

We’ve been doing sort of a mini health/nutrition unit lately as a wrap-up to our year-long Anatomy course and I thought I’d share some of the resources that I’ve found.

First we’ve been reading this “Hygiene and Health” book that I think I bought at a garage sale or Goodwill awhile back.  Lots of good information on health/hygiene and nutrition in an easily accessible form for little kids. It has engaging pictures and little activities on many pages. Sesame Street’s “Happy Healthy Monsters” series is good as well, we’ve read a couple of those books in the past (although not during this unit)

We also received this Sesame Street “Healthy Habits for Life” packet (or one very similar to it) during a WIC appointment when Brady was a baby and he LOVES the accompanying dvd.

Of course we discuss nutrition on a daily basis, especially when Brady helps me in the kitchen, but in the last week or so I’ve made a point of discussing the food groups on his plate and we’ve talked a lot about the new “My Plate” dietary guidelines.  He has really enjoyed this game and this one, both of which allow you to create a healthy balanced meal plan (the second one is a bit more user friendly). Nourish interactive has lots of good information for parents as well as printables and games for kids, and I found letting Brady play the meal planning games was a good way to begin a discussion about why some choices are healthier than others.

We also made an “impromptu” meal-planning collage while going through the grocery ads and Brady made sure to get something from each food group.

And I printed out this Bubble Guppies restaurant pack and Brady has been running a pretend restaurant for the last several days which allows us to practice both meal planning and math.

Nothing super formal, but we have found some fun resources and I thought I’d share them.

We’re already on something of a summer schedule so we’ve been keeping up with our phonics, math, and geography but Science has mainly been observing things while playing outside and we haven’t really done any formal art projects lately. Here’s what we’ve covered in our abbreviated school days.

Phonics: qu, two-syllable words. Brady read the books “Good Job, Dennis” and “Fred’s Red Hat” and we are now officially half-way through the 1st Grade Hooked on Phonics program.  As a testament to this program, my just-turned-4-year-old now reads like this

Math: 9 and 10 times tables

Time math: time in 5 minute intervals

Money math: subtracting with coins

Geography: Ontario

And, just because I love it, here’s my new favorite family picture, taken by my mother-in-law on our way back from my birthday dinner last Saturday. We had stopped at a wayside for a little impromptu whale-watching, one of the glorious things about our little neck of the woods.

So that’s what we’ve been up to lately, how are things in your homeschool?


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