Our New Home(school)

We’ve ended up taking more of a Summer break that I had originally intended, mostly because (after over a year of living with my wonderful in-laws) we finally found a place to rent. So there was packing and unpacking and a two-weekend garage sale and then Paul’s vacation time came right on the heels of all of that and we took Brady on his first camping trip.  So I don’t have much in the way of school stuff to share, but I do have tons of pictures. First the home tour (sorry for the million thumbnails, I tried to put these into a separate gallery, but WordPress wasn’t cooperating) :

  Front of the house

View from the front door

To the left of the door, play and craft area

To the right of the door is the living room. Next to that wall with the small pictures on it is the doorway to the hallway.

Off of that hallway is Brady’s bathroom

And his bedroom. This is looking out from his doorway, the open door on the left leads to his bathroom, the nearest doorway on the right leads into the kitchen and the far one goes into the living room. We use the cupboards at the end of the hall for our pantry and game closet.

Looking into his room from the doorway

And from his bed

And looking back from the window.

Looking into the kitchen from the hallway

To the left: fridge, stove, doorway to the living room

To the right: spice rack, miniature tea sets, Brady’s kitchen/grocery store area and (not pictured next to his kitchen) doorway to the dining/school room

Looking into the dining/school room from the kitchen

Wall to the right, that door leads to our bedroom.

Looking back towards the kitchen you can see our bathroom, the school supplies, and the back door

View of our room from the dining room

Wall to the right

Wall to the left

And Paul’s lightsaber (which I hung above the door for him)

Left side of the backyard as seen from the deck

Right side (including a newly repainted swingset)

Looking back at the house from the storage sheds

Side yard

Front yard from the front steps

To the left of the front door, narrow side yard and steps onto the deck.


The house is old (it’s a logging house built in the 30’s) and small (did you notice all my pans stacked on top of the fridge? lol) but I really love it.  It’s so nice to have a yard Brady can play in and a dedicated school space (although I’m still trying to find a bookshelf I like so I can organize that a bit better).  And, as lovely as my in-laws were to take us in, it’s wonderful to have our own space and to have gotten my stuff out of storage. The whole first week I kept saying things to Paul like “Look! My colanders! I love my colanders!” or “Ah! The Titan Peeler! I didn’t even REMEMBER the Titan Peeler!” (To his credit the man just smiled and never once made fun of my crazy kitchen-gadget-hugging ways).  It’s quiet here, a little sunnier and warmer than where we moved from, and our neighbor has a 4 year old granddaughter who visits often.  And there have been water fights





And the county fair

Complete with Lightning McQueen       balloon

Horse-back rides

Fair food   


Cotton candy

And Mark Chestnut concert for Brady to dance through

Then we drove down to Bandon and went to the West Coast Game Park Safari where Brady got to feed deer

And hold a baby ferret

And a baby possum

And a Bobbi the bobcat

Then a couple nights of camping where Brady had fondue in the great outdoors

Played board games

Enjoyed campfires

Earned his Jr. Ranger Badge

And slept in a tent for the first time

So that’s what we’ve been up to. I’ll be back soon with school updates (we’re back to our regular schedule this week) but I wanted to give you the tour of our new home and school space and share a little of our happiness Summer fun.  I hope your Summer has been as joyfully busy.

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