Pre-K Goals Revisited

I just realized that we will be starting our new school year in a few weeks and I never wrote a final wrap-up of last year’s goals or laid out the goals for our upcoming year.  First, here’s where we stand with last year’s goals:

1) Sounding out words/reading beginner books by Christmas

He was reading beginner books by November and is currently reading at a high 1st/low 2nd grade level.  We have two more lessons in our Hooked on Phonics 1st grade program and will be moving on to 2nd in September.

2) Counting to 100 without skipping 5,15,25,etc

He seems to be totally over skipping numbers that end in 5 and can count to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s consistently.

3) 1-1 number correspondence

He has this down pat now, and is a pretty accurate estimator for small groups as well.

4) Improve handwriting

There has been definite improvement here in both the actual handwriting and Brady’s willingness to practice, but we still have a ways to go in large part because his “trigger” thumb makes proper pencil grip nearly impossible. Brady will hopefully be having surgery to correct this issue and I expect his handwriting will improve quickly once that has been done.

5) Write his first name by the end of the school year

Definite improvement, but I wouldn’t say it is fully legible just yet.

6) Know all the US States/Canadian Provinces and their capitals

-He can locate all of the states and knows many of the capitals, but not all. We’ve stopped doing Geography through the Summer so will be finishing Canada in September.

7)Exposure to History as a subject

Yeah, we didn’t really do any History last year.  It’s built into our curriculum this year, though.

8) Develop a love of science with fun kitchen experiments.

Brady calls any fun project a “science experiment” and often runs back in the house to grab his magnifying glass when we’re playing outside so I’d say we succeeded here.

9) Cut simple shapes/draw simple figures

His cutting is much improved although the “trigger thumb” interferes here a bit too and he has started drawing recognizable people/cars/etc on his easel recently.

10)Continue with our “Home Ec” days

Brady works alongside me everyday on the housework and loves to cook and bake. I’ve stopped planning a particular baking project every week for the Summer, but we’ll likely start up again in the fall (and I’m hoping to tie many of them in to our Geography lessons).

11) Start giving Brady an allowance once he has completed his time and money book.

-We haven’t quite finished this book yet so this one is not applicable.  We should finish in the first quarter of the new school year and will establish an allowance after that.

I think over all we did a pretty good job last year.  I knew that some of those goals were a bit lofty so I’m not disappointed that we didn’t meet all of them, but I’m pretty pleased that we hit the most important ones (reading, counting, handwriting improvement) and in many cases surpassed my expectations. And here is where I started to write next years goals and realized that a)this entry was getting super long and b)they would fit better with a post about our revised curriculum plans so they will get their own entry.  How about you? Have you already started your new year? Did last year go as you thought it would? How are things in your homeschool?


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