Day in the Life: First Day of School Edition

Every so often I do a DITL post just so I can look back at how our homeschooling routine has evolved, here’s what the first day of Brady’s 1st/2nd grade year looked like (here’s one from this time last year and one from 2010).

We got up and dressed about 8:30 or so and I took Brady outside for a first day of school picture (in one of the new school shirts his Gramma bought him)

Then back into the house for blueberry pancakes

And back out for our morning “PE” hour

And back in for a snack



And a little first day present before our school day started in earnest

We started with his 1st grade spelling workbook

then a 2nd grade reader

time math

handwriting practice

and we finished by practicing this week’s spelling words

Since we were done early we went back out for a little more playtime

And then decided to walk to the library (which ended up being an hour round trip and, as it turns out, they’re closed on Tuesdays)

But we picked lots of blackberries along the way

And that is why I do so much laundry

Then it was rest time

Then a little free play

A game of zombie dice


And a trip to the swimming pool

And, after swimming, there was a snack in the car

A reading of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

And bedtime

That’s how our first day went. How was yours?

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life: First Day of School Edition

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