First week wrap-up

One week into this new school year of ours and things are going really well so far.  I’m glad that I chose to ease us in slowly rather than add all the subjects in the first week, this week has been a nice transition from our super-light Summer schedule. Here’s what we did this week:

We had an awesome 1st day of school and I took lots of pictures.

Reading: This week’s Scholastic reader was “Who’s New in Our School?” Brady read it every day and at the end of the week we read and discussed the comprehension questions in the back of the book.

Spelling: In his HOP workbook he was shown pictures of things that began with b, g, and c and had to write the correct beginning letter.  Brady also has a spelling list each week.  This week’s words were an, man, can, ran, and fan.  We began with tracing and writing them on paper

Then he used clay letters

And magnets

And finally for his “test” he wrote them on the chalkboard all by himself.


Reading comprehension: His HOP workbook right now is asking him to do things like circle all the animals in a group that jump and put an x on the ones that fly.  In these beginning stages it is all about grouping and attention to detail/directions.  This workbook (as well as his HOP spelling book) is very short and I anticipate us making it through both the 1st and 2nd grade editions this year.

Arithmetic: We’re reviewing addition with sums under 10.

Time math: Showing starting and ending times in 15 min increments and figuring out when something began after being shown when it ended and how long it lasted.

Money math: counting with quarters

Art: We haven’t done any formal art projects yet, but Brady is constantly drawing outside with chalk and making pictures for daddy to take to work. We also recycled some broken crayons yesterday (I don’t know why I never thought to pour them in my soap molds before, but they turned out awfully cute)

Baking: We all woke up really early on Wednesday for no reason at all and I decided that the only way to salvage being up at such an ungodly hour was to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  Brady helped.


We also expanded on Brady’s recent fort obsession by setting up our tent in the front yard.  It turned out to be an awesome place to read both alone

and together.


And we haven’t officially begun Science lessons yet this year, but Brady’s magnifying glass is never far away

This picture cracks me up

We’ve also been trying to go on an outing every day and that often leads us to a park in this awesome late-Summer weather



*Sidenote for Doctor Who fans* Brady decided the windows on this playstructure made it look like a TARDIS and then convinced the other kids to help him with his “Dinosaurs! ON A SPACESHIP!”, he even tried to talk a little girl into being River Song and told his Daddy that he could be the 5th Doctor, but only the 6th Doctor (played by Brady, of course) could drive. I love this kid’s imagination (and his Whovian daddy was *beaming* lol)

Besides moonlighting as the Doctor, Brady also occasionally plays a buisnessman


And sometimes a handyman

We bought a new vacuum today. He put it together.

And that’s what the week looked like in our homeschool.




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