Evolution and Fabric Paint

Homeschooling is weird sometimes.  Good weird, but that title up there really does sum up the majority of our week.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Scholastic Readers: Yes, plural, because although I had intended to read the same book all week by the second time through he is reading and comprehending them like this

(that was the point where I turned off the camera so we could discuss why lizards hide)

So this week we read “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” and “Janie in Old California” twice each, discussed the comprehension questions in the back and called it good.  The child reads constantly, but often picks books that are below his ability level so these readers make sure he is occasionally challenged and the books he checks out of the library or grabs off of his bookshelf provide lots and lots of practice.  So far so good.

Reading comp: Grouping like items, describing how things in a group are the same

HOP spelling: ends with d or g

Spelling words: in, pin, win, thin

Handwriting: Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn

Arithmetic: subtraction with numbers 0-6

Time math: Matching times on an analog clock to written times in 5 minute intervals

History: We talked about the different parts of maps in our first World History for Us All lesson and watched and awesome video that a friend of mine recommended a while ago and I’ve sort of been saving for the beginning of our World History lessons. It’s called “Earth: Making of a Planet” and I highly recommend it. Some parts are a bit scary of course, but it really does give a good overview of everything from the Big Bang to the first humans in just about an hour and a half.

Geography: Yukon Territory

Latin: Brady wanted to begin his “Song School Latin” lessons as soon as he saw them and seems to really enjoy them so far. This week he learned the words ‘Magister/Magistra’ (m/f teacher), ‘salve’ (hello), ‘vale’ (goodbye), and ‘discipuli’ (students). We bought the student book and cd as well as the dvds and I really appreciate the “derivative river” section of the dvds because from his 4 vocab words he learned 10 English, French, and Spanish derivatives.

Music: we talked about how sounds are made by vibrations and made a variety of homemade instruments.

wax paper and a comb


and there was banging on bowls

And cardboard tubes with wax paper on the end

We pulled out the ukelele

And found out vocal cords vibrate, too

We also played Wii Music and watched “Fantasia 2000” (“Rhapsody in Blue” seemed to be his favorite)

Art: He made a book of days

Hard to see, but he drew an oval on each page and drew a picture of his favorite thing from that season inside of it. This is the page for Fall and that is a picture of a tree with multi-colored falling leaves

(Idea from this book)

And used squash lids and celery as paint stamps

Brady also bought a bag of fabric paints at a garage sale last weekend and quickly fell in love. I think the count is 5 shirts so far, 3 of his own and one each for Gramma and Papa.

He called this Papa’s “galaxy shirt” and kept up a running commentary while painting it “this is the milky way and this is an asteroid belt…”

Baking: Brady made cheddar garlic biscuits

baked onion rings

and chocolate cupcakes (that is almost the exact same recipe I’ve been using for well over a year except mine only calls for 1.5 C sugar) with chocolate frosting (and Winnie the Pooh sprinkles he found on clearance)

It’s really starting to feel like Fall around here so we didn’t have as many outings this week.  A couple trips to the park

This one ended poorly

There were also a couple trips to fast food play areas (we’re vegetarians so we usually just get a drink or dessert but it’s an awfully cheap way to get some wiggles out when the weather is crappy) and a trip to storytime at our local library (Brady was the only kid who showed, the awesome librarian read to him anyway and even let him pick the last book).

Brady has been spending some time pretending to be an architect thanks to a Scholastic video version of “Roberto: The Insect Architect”

And Brady picked up his Halloween costume. Guess what he’s going to be?

When I write it all out it seems like a lot, but I think the actual seat work portion of our day lasts about an hour. I really love our curriculum this year. We’re covering a lot of subjects and I think he’s learning a ton, but everything is really engaging and hands on and there is very little busywork.  In this 2nd (planned, 3rd overall) year of homeschooling I feel like we have really gotten our sea legs.  Our days have a rhythm that works, I’ve been observing Brady’s learning style long enough to know which materials will work best, and most importantly I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and my child. This week we’ll add Science and next week he’ll start swim lessons and we’ll be fully up and running. How are things in your homeschool?


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