Cinnamon coffee cake and red velvet cake playdough

So I’m a big believer in homemade playdough. It smells better, it lasts longer, it has a better texture and fewer chemicals than the store bought stuff. Last Fall I made Brady some pumpkin pie playdough and the warm, spicy scent was a welcome change from our normal (kool-aid scented) fruity dough so when I saw In Lieu of Preschool’s post about Mexican chocolate/Mocha playdough I couldn’t resist the idea. I did know, however, that I didn’t want mine to *look* like hers no matter how awesome it smelled (go read her post to understand what I mean, I’ll wait) so I decided to play around with it a bit.

I started out with the same dry ingredients as Genny (original recipe from The Imagination Tree) so I took two bowls and in each one I put

1 heaping cup flour

1/4 cup salt

1 tablespoon oil and

1 tablespoon cream of tartar

Then I added 1 tsp of vanilla to each bowl

Now to one of the bowls you want to add 2 Tbsp of cocoa powder and to the other add the same amount of cinnamon

To the cinnamon bowl I added a cup of hot coffee and stirred and kneaded until it was the right consistency (you could also add a little red and yellow food coloring with the coffee to make it more orange than brown if you’d like)

To the cocoa powder bowl I added cup of hot water and about 1/3 of a bottle of red food coloring (1/2 a bottle probably would’ve been even better, but it did have a lovely maroon color rather than the brown that gave Genny problems 😉

The vanilla really did make them smell like cake and Brady happily rolled the dough out and pushed it into little ramekins and served us “cake” for quite awhile this evening.

So thanks, In Lieu of Preschool for the playdough inspiration.


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