Leaves and reliefs

I went in for what I thought would be an oral surgery consultation on Friday and they ended up doing the procedure while I was there so last week’s wrap-up is a little late. Here’s what we were up to.

Scholastic Reader: “Everybody’s Happy”

Spelling words: on, pond, fun, run, spin

Handwriting: Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss

HOP spelling: words ending in t, p, and n

Reading comprehension: categorizing a group of pictures (which ones make a sound? etc)

Arithmetic: addition and subtraction with numbers under 10

Time math: drawing the minute hand in 5 minute increments

Money math: adding groups of coins

Science: We crushed up leaves

Covered them with nail polish remover

and saw a few hours later that those Fall colors are always hiding under the chlorophyll (the book suggested coffee filters and we tried both, but the result on the chromotography paper was much clearer)

(idea from this book)


We made a Florentine relief  and read about Ghiberti (idea from this book)

gluing random string, sequins, and feathers on cardboard

which we then carefully covered in foil


and shined up with a little scrub pad (steel wool would have worked better, but we didn’t have any handy)

And a fall tree stamped with egg carton cups (idea from Teach Preschool, but we twisted the cups in the paint to create a swirled effect.

close-up so you can get a better idea of the color, it turned out really pretty

And cinnamon coffee cake and red velvet cake playdough

Geography: Northwest Territories

Music: We talked about pitch and how higher pitches are made by faster vibrations and lower pitches are made by slower vibrations.  Then we explored the idea a little using his toy xylophone and ukelele.

World History: Our history lessons this week was talking about scale and I thought it would be a good time to do a “Me on the Map” activity. I traced around various cups and bowls until I had 6 concentric circles and then printed out pictures of our house, street, city, country, and planet. Brady glued them on the correct circles, I labeled them and then we stapled them in order.  It’s a good way to show scale and also a great way for kids to learn their address.

Social Studies: This was sort of impromptu, but Brady has been asking about voting and elections so we ended up watching several  School House Rock videos on YouTube and then moved on to BrainPop.

We also did this Junior Voter Registration card on PBS kids that I thought was pretty interesting.

Latin: This is quickly becoming Brady’s favorite subject and he has started slipping the few words he knows into conversation when ever possible (he refers to me as “Magistra” fairly often and told his grandparents “Vale” when they left the other night) so we are up to two lessons a week now. This weeks words/phrases were:

“Quid est tuum praenomen?” (What is your name?)

“Meum praenomen est” (My name is)

“Quid agis?” (how are you)

“sum” (I am)

“bene” (well/fine)

“optime” (great)

“pessime” (terrible)

We also talked a bit about Latin vowels and conjugation.

Brady has been really into cooking with me lately and he’s also been wanting to try new things at the grocery store. This week he tried star fruit

this one was a hit

And brussels sprouts

the poor kid gagged, but I was impressed that he tried them and we may try again later on

He also picked out a sweet dumpling squash, but we haven’t cooked it yet.

And that was our week. How are things in your homeschool?


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