Great big dinosaur post

We did a dinosaur month last Winter as part of our Science unit and we’re doing another dino week (or maybe 2 or 3, we’ll see how it goes)now as part of our world history curriculum so I thought I’d put all of our prehistoric resources in one place for your little paleontologist.

Arts and Crafts

Dinosaur feet

Bake your own fossils (rocks/twigs/ect mixed in clay-rich mud and baked in a low oven until hardened idea from More Mudpies to Magnets)

Paper mache dinosaur bone

Moveable paper dinosaur

Soap with dinosaurs in it (and then identify the dino as it slowly emerges)

D is for Dinosaur



Dino sensory bin (filled with corn meal and rice. I’ve also cleared off our train table and set out that bin, all his plastic dinosaurs, some tools for digging, some neat rocks, and a magnifying glass)

Paleontologist bath (just like our “easter egg” bath: I “spray painted” the bubbles green with a little water and food coloring in a mister bottle only I hid dinosaurs instead of eggs and gave him spoons, sifters, brushes, and a spray bottle to clean the bubbles off his finds)

Dino bone hunt (we used mini dog bones in the sand box)

Fossil hunt (here’s the recipe for the “stones“)

Excavation (including measuring and soil samples, idea from More Mudpies to Magnets )

In the kitchen

Fossil cookies

Volcano cake (that link also has lots of ideas for a dino birthday party)

Dinosaur pancakes

Dinosaur sandwiches

Dino dirt cups (regular dirt cups with a gummy/candy dinosaur or candy bones inside)

Amber fossils (gummy dinosaurs in orange jello jigglers)


Dino Dan

Dinosaur Train

The Land Before Time series

BBC also had an awesome “Planet Dinosaur” series and they have some good info on their website

“I’m a Paleontologist” by They Might Be Giants


There are millions, of course, but here are some we like:

The “How Do Dinosaurs…” series by Jane Yolen

DK/Eyewitness Books “Dinosaur”

DK/Eyewitness Books “Fossil”

“Too Many Dinosaurs” by Mercer Mayer

DK “History of the World” 

“Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs” by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart (an pop-up given to Brady on his second birthday by some lovely friends)

“Life-size Dinosaurs” by David Bergen (the whole “life-size” series is awesome if you haven’t checked it out)

Magic Tree House “Dinosaurs Before Dark” and the corresponding research guide by Will and Mary Pope Osbourne

To help him get some idea of how long ago dinosaurs lived: World Book “Make it Work: Time” and “Count to a Million” by Jerry Pallotta

and “Remarkable Creatures” by Tracy Chevalier is a fun read for the grown-ups while you’re talking about fossils

And I think that should be enough to keep any mini Paleontologist busy for awhile

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