Pumpkins and Leaves

This week it really started to feel like Fall around here and our school work has definitely reflected that. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Language Arts

HOP Spelling: filling in the missing first or last letter in 3 letter words

Spelling words: zoo, frog, fish, ape, bear, lion

Scholastic Readers: “First Food” and “A Voice for Her People”

Handwriting: Yy, Zz, alligator, apple, ant, Alaska, bear, ball, bee, Bobby, cats, cookies, cards, Chuck

HOP Reading Comprehension: writing or circling the correct word to complete a sentence that describes a given picture.

Storytelling: This is a subject we just formally added this week and it is the first one that my husband is teaching.  Brady has shown a lot of interest in telling stories lately either on his felt board or the many, many versions of “The Old Philosopher” that he has made up over the past week or so so when Paul saw these Story World cards at the library he picked them up and he and Brady have been creating stories together and having a lot of fun.


Arithmetic: Subtraction with numbers under 10, addition with sums to 18

Time math: drawing clock hands, matching digital and analog clocks

Money math: counting mixed groups of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies


Testing the strength of eggshells (idea from our Science experiment book)

and identifying leaves (Brady actually insisted on doing the labeling himself, considering how reluctant he was to write AT ALL a couple of months ago I’d call that a huge win)

and building a solar-powered car

And, just for fun,  I made Brady a mad scientist bath (cups full of vinegar, baking soda, and rainbow colored water plus various funnels, droppers, cylinders, etc)


Brady painted a “friendly ghost” and accented it with “silver leaf” (tinfoil) and then we talked a bit about Fra Giovanni Angelico (idea from our “Discovering Great Artists” book)

We also did leaf rubbings (which turned out to be a perfect use for our recycled crayons)

and used a big leaf as a paint stamp

and did a leaf-resist painting (I should have probably glued the leaves down, but instead we just held them in place and painted over them one at a time)

and painted mini pumpkins and gourds


Wind instruments


puella (girl)

puer (boy)

vir (man)

femina (woman)

mensa (table)

sella (chair)

stylus (pencil)

liber (book)

World History

We are still talking about dinosaurs, next week we’ll be on to early humans


Nothing this week as we’re still waiting for our materials to arrive, but I’m hoping to be able to start on Mexico next week.

We also took a trip to the pumpkin patch this week as we have every October

6 months

18 months

2 1/2

3 1/2 (technically the apple orchard across from the pumpkin patch we went to last year, but it was the same day)

2012 (4 1/2)

And while we were in the valley we went to a farmer’s market where I picked up two big bags of apples and squash and turned this sink-full

into over 3 quarts of cinnamon applesauce (using In Lieu of Preschool’s recipe)

We also had a picnic in a lovely park

Where Brady played on a train

And we took a walk through a beautiful rose garden

(and I picked up a giant bag full of leaves to use in our art and science projects, because where we live it is almost exclusively evergreens)

Brady also made peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter fudge frosting as a surprise for his daddy

And started learning how to sew

And that was our week. How are things in your homeschool?


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