floating grapes and flu bugs

I’m half a week late writing the wrap-up, in part because Brady has his first tummy bug of the season towards the end of last week and we’ve had to play a little bit of catch-up.

Aidan is the best kid cat ever, he always gets really concerned when Brady is sick and spent this whole night laying on/next to him (I was trying not to laugh at the cat and wake up the kid hence the goofy expression)

Here’s what we were up to on our 7th (already!) week of school:

Language Arts

Scholastic Readers: “Kids Clubs That Helped the World” and “The Voice of the Sea”

HOP Spelling: color words

Spelling words: door, rug, desk, home, room, house

Printing: duck, dog, dance, Danny, elephant, egg, elbow, Ellie, frog, fish, fox, Florida, giraffe, grass, glasses, Gretchen, hippo, hat, heart, Hannah

Reading Comprehension: Filling in the missing words of sentences describing a given picture.

Storytelling: Brady and Paul continued to use the StoryWorld cards we checked out from our local library


Arithmetic: addition with sums to 18

Time math: Matching digital and face clocks

Money math: Adding and comparing amounts of money

Science: We did a floating grapes experiment from our experiment book and talked about density


We made cave paintings (more about our Early humans unit can be found here)

And I traced Brady’s profile and let him decorate it and then we talked about Masaccio (idea from our “Great Artists” book)

Music: We talked about string instruments

Latin: casa (house), porta(door), murus(wall), fenestra(window) and a review of the last few chapters

Sensory: Spaghetti bath

In the kitchen:

We made baked apple cinnamon oatmeal

Pear “mice”

and lemon melting moments that were gone before I could take a picture

We’ve also carved pumpkins

And rearranged our school room (thanks to some bookshelves Gramma and Papa found at a garage sale)

looking in from the kitchen

to the left: games, puzzles, art supplies, and reference books

to the right: maps and educational posters

next to the table: books and supplies we currently use within easy reach

easel and US map along the back wall

This will sound silly, but I have always wanted a school room (I even put one in the house I made for Geometry in High School) and I am just thrilled with our little space.

I also got a little make-over of my own last week

I’ve never had short hair, but I’m kind of loving it

And that’s what we were up to, how are things in your homeschool?

*None of the above are affiliate links, just things we’ve found useful and want to share*

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