Ancient Egypt and Art in the Round

Here’s what we did in our 8th week of school

Language Arts:

HOP Spelling: writing or circling a missing word to complete a sentence

Spelling words: mom, dad, dog, cat, bird

Scholastic Readers: “My Name is Nura” and “The Caves and Lascaux”

Reading Comp: Matching animals to their footprints and using clues to answer a question


Arithmetic: Adding and subtracting numbers up to 18

Time Math: Writing the time to the minute

Money math: adding pennies, nickels, and dimes


We experimented with oil, water, food coloring, and maple syrup and talked about density


For all of the following commands the first word is singular and the second is plural

sede/sedete (sit)

surge/surgite (stand)

scribe/scribite (write)

repete/repetite (repeat)

audi/audite (listen)

tace/tacete (be quiet)

aperi librum/aperite libros (open the book(s))

attole manum/attolite manus (raise your hand(s))


Art in the round and a discussion of Botticelli (idea from our “Great Artists” book)

a pond with “Mommy, Daddy, and Brady fish”

spiderweb w/fingerprint spider


We talked about electric and electronic instruments and then Brady played with his toy electric guitar and keyboard.

World History:

We’re talking about Ancient Egypt (more about that here)

And in the kitchen we made these little mini apple pies

There is no better way to sum up my life pre-and-post child than to point out that Brady is using a martini glass to cut out the pie crust

And that was our week. How are things in your homeschool?


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