Ancient Egypt *updated*

Our current World History unit is on Ancient Egypt. Here’s what we’ve been doing.

First I changed up our History Table again:

I wrote Brady’s name in hieroglyphics and stuck it in his Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center so he could trace it

I also cut strips of parchment paper and rolled them into “papyrus” scrolls for him to practice other hieroglyphs on with a pencil

Any Egyptian table has to have eye makeup

Blocks to build pyramids

Paper with slits and strips to practice weaving

Clay and sequins for making/decorating pots/amulets/etc

Beads and pipe cleaners for jewelry making

A sensory bowl filled with semi-precious stones from his rock collection, marbles, and the pieces of a gold plastic miniature tea set so he could pretend to be a miner

And, of course, a cloth doll and fabric strips for mummification

And we’re mummifying a cornish game hen as well. First we got set up with a bowl of water, some oil, cinnamon, paper towels, ziploc bags, and lots and lots of salt.

The first step was giving Henry (as Brady dubbed him) a nice bath

Then we patted him dry

Rubbed him down with oil

Doused the poor guy with cinnamon (super blurry pic, sorry)

And filled and covered him with salt (and double bagged him for good measure

And now we wait 4-6 weeks, changing the salt out as it starts to look damp until we have a mummified chicken.

We’ve also been using the following books:

“Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt: Projects and Activities that bring the Past to Life” by Linda Honan

(our History units run Wednesday-Wednesday because that is our library day so I’ll be coming back to add some activities from this one)

*edited to add*

So far we’ve made an Egyptian boy’s kilt

Ankh amulets

a senet game

menat rhythm beads

and a sistrum

And made an Egyptian feast

Hummus and pita bread, cucumbers, yogurt, and grapes

bean and egg dish

“chicken” stew (we subbed tofu and “no chicken” broth)

sesame seed cookies and grape juice

all from this book. The directions are occasionally a bit lacking, but anything that’s missing can be easily googled (color, etc, the illustrations are in black and white) and the ideas are great. Highly recommended.

“Egyptian Mummies: People From the Past” by Delia Pemberton

“Peoples of the Past: The Ancient Egyptians, Life in the Nile Valley” by Viviane Koenig and Veronique Ageorges

“The Mystery of the Hieroglyphs:The Story of the Rosetta Stone and the Race to Decipher Egyptian Hieroglyphs” by Carol Donoughue

“The New Book of Pharaohs”by Dr. Anne Millard

“The Magic Tree House: Mummies in the Morning” by Mary Pope Osbourne and the accompanying research guide by Will and Mary Pope Osbourne and Sal Murdocca

We are also using the DK “History of the World” and National Geographic’s “History Book” (on loan from Gramma and Papa) throughout our World History lessons.

I also watched “I Was Mummified” (fascinating, but definitely for older kids/adults) and we watched “The Prince of Egypt” as a family just for fun.

And that’s how I’ve been talking to my 4 year old about Ancient Egypt.

*I don’t use affiliate links, these are just things that we have found useful*


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