Egypt, Egypt, and more Egypt.

We just wrapped up our Egypt unit tonight with an Egyptian feast from the “Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt” book we checked out from the library.

We started with, pita and hummus, cucumbers with yogurt, and grapes

Hey, half in the picture is as good as I can do sometimes 😉

Then there was a chicken stew (we subbed tofu and “No Chicken Broth”)

A bean and egg dish

And sesame cookies and grape juice for dessert.

A delicious (and super garlicky!) ending to a fun couple of weeks in Ancient Egypt. Now on to the Mayans.

Last week was a week of random projects, many of which were initiated by Brady. Here’s what we were up to.

Language Arts

Scholastic Readers: “Dance the Flamenco” and “Sequoyah”

HOP Spelling: words with a middle ‘i’

Reading Comp: Using picture clues to figure out which character did something.

Handwriting: newt, nest, note, Nebraska, ostrich, octopus, olive Olivia, penguin, pizza, pencil, puppy, quail, queen, quarter, quit, rabbit, ribbon, race, runs

Spelling words: none this week.


Arithmetic: We finished one dollar store addition and subtraction book and started another so we have looped back around to adding numbers with sums 10 and under

Time Math: Drawing clock hands/writing a given time on a digital clock

Money Math: Subtracting for change


A question about why onions make you cry led to us watching this video

and then looking at onion cells with Brady’s microscope

We also did the old “floating water trick and talked about air pressure and gravity

And a volcano is always fun


As I said we finished Egypt today. Beyond the feast we also made a Senet game

A sistrum

Menat rhythm beads

Ankh Amulets

And an Egyptian boy’s kilt

Like the recipes above the instructions for these projects came from “Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt” which I cannot recommend highly enough. There are also books in the series for Rome and Greece and we will certainly be seeking them out when we get there.


We talked about the human voice as an instrument


amabo te (please)

tibi gratias ago (thank you)

ignosce mihi (excuse me)

and a review of the last few chapters


We talked about how Leondardo Da Vinci was a scientist as well as an artist and how he was one of the first to make detailed anatomical drawings and then Brady drew a peanut first together (left) and apart (right, the red lines are the papery bits and the small yellow circles are the peanuts). We’re working our way through this “Discovering Great Artists” book.


Brady took both an art bath

and a bath with water beads last week


A month or so ago Brady drew a picture of a “safety rule” and entered it into a contest and his Papa’s work for their annual calendar.  He didn’t win, but the company invited all the kids to a pizza party last Thursday and he had a ball.

This is how he feels about sweater vests

his picture is on the very top right. a stick figure with safety goggles and the words “always wear safety glasses” for some reason I cannot find the picture I took of it

pizza, soda, and cupcakes are pretty much little kid heaven

And he got an aquadoodle and McDonald’s gift card for entering

all geared up

thrilled to sit in Papa’s chair

And, of course, there was trick-or-treating

He was Darth Vader this year

He has also been Doctor Who

Emo Elmo

And Superman

Twice 🙂


We’ve been cooking a lot lately we made

Homemade pierogis

And Halloween doughnuts

Jack-o-lantern rice krispie treats

Homemade pizza using this dough recipe

And brownies using this recipe (with chocolate chips melted on top for good measure

Giving Thanks

I cut out 22 paper handprints for each of us and everyday we each write something we are thankful for and hang them on the window. The first day Brady sort of laughed and said “lunch,” but today he thought long and hard and said “Daddy” so the message is starting to get through. We did something similar last year with paper turkey feathers and I think this is one tradition we’re definitely going to stick with.

And I think that brings us to the end of this (long, picture heavy) week-in-review. How are things in your homeschool?

*Disclaimer: None of the above are affiliate links*


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