Da Vinci and the Mayas

I suppose I ought to get last week’s post up before I write this weeks, huh? Here’s what we were up to.

Language Arts

HOP Spelling: words with a middle u

Scholastic Readers: “Rin Tin Tin: Top Dog in the Movies” and “Make a Difference”

Handwriting: seal, sun, shell, seven, turtle, tiger, tie, teach, umpire, umbrella, under, unhappy, vulture, violin, vest, van, whale, walrus, water, wishes

Reading Comprehension: Filling in words to complete sentences describing a given picture, reading a few sentences and answering questions about them.


Time math: time two ways

Money math: subtracting for change, subtracting from 50¢

Arithmetic: adding numbers up to 20, adding 2 digit numbers w/carrying


canis (dog)

feles (cat)

equus (horse)

piscis (fish)

leo (lion)

avis (bird)

ursa (bear)

elephantus (elephant)


We talked about how music is written and then interpreted by people who play or dance to it and then we listened to several versions of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (the original, Over the Rhine’s version, the Rufus Wainwright one from Shrek, and KD Lang’s cover off the top of my head, there may have been another) and compared the tempo and pitch as well as which instruments were used in each version.


I had Brady draw an invention and then we talked a bit more about Da Vinci and how he was an inventor as well as an artist. (we’re using this “Discovering Great Artists” book)


We’re talking about the Mayas which I will write a separate post for, check back for the link (Right here I also made a separate page for our history tables.)


None this week. There was a weird overlap wherein we should be studying Mexico in Geography, but we are studying the Maya in History and I thought studying modern day Mexico at the same time would get confusing so we’re holding off until we’ve moved on to a new historical subject.


We planted beans in a cd case (idea credit). Ours haven’t grown quite enough to label yet, but I’ll post pics once they do.

And I think that covers last week. How are things in your homeschool?

*Disclaimer: None of the above are affiliate links*


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