Discussing Mayan Culture with Young Children

After the plethora of Egypt resources that were easily available I found the Mayans to be a bit of a challenge. Here’s what I came up with:


We checked out Time Life’s Lost Civilizations: Maya and National Geographic Video: Lost Kingdoms of the Maya from our local library. Both are a bit dry and probably better for older children, but there were parts that interested Brady.


I ordered this Mexico and Central America book for our Geography lessons, but there are some interesting projects pertaining to the Mayans as well.

Brady practiced drawing Mayan embroidery patterns (the suggestion was for the child to embroider them but this is a little beyond him just yet)

And did a little math using Mayan numbers


I also found this “Mystery of the Maya” choose-your-own-adventure book (I LOVED those as a kid and was so excited to introduce Brady to them) as well as:

“Amazing Maya Inventions You Can Build Yourself”

“Aztec, Inca, and Maya” and

“The Mystery of the Ancient Maya”

History Table

I added pictures from Google this time and here’s what I came up with:

Weaving on a cardboard loom (I added a ruler to act as a “beater”)


Modern drum, percussion, and wind instruments with a picture of their Mayan counterparts



Some hieroglyphs for tracing



Beads and pipecleaners with a picture of Mayan beadwork



Homemade playdough for sculpting



A bar of soap and playdough knife for carving



Blocks for pyramid building



A bar of soap with a mechanical pencil (w/o lead) for making a Stela

And temporary tattoos and washable markers for body art


There were more of these than I expected to find, here are a few:



and the wikipedia page gives a good overview

And that’s what I’ve come up with. Have you studied the Mayas in your homeschool? Do you have anything to add?


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