Dürer and electroplating

Here’s what we were up to last week.

Language Arts

HOP Spelling: 3 letter words with a middle ‘e’

Reading Comprehension: matching a picture with the correct descriptive sentence

Handwriting: x-ray, xylophone, Max, extra, yak, yo-yo, yarn, your, zebra, zipper, zoo, zigzag and then we moved on to writing sentences. The 1st 2 were “Alligators and ants eat apples.” and “Brave Bobby buys a baseball bat.” I had been a bit lax on capitalization before but now that he’s writing sentences I’m stressing proper form to prevent bad habits. So far so good.




Arithmetic: adding 2-digit numbers w/carrying, subtracting numbers under 10

Time math: Writing time 2 ways, figuring out how long an activity took when given a beginning and ending time

Money math: Subtracting for change, making exact amounts of money


All Christmas words this week:

angelus (angel)

pastor (shepherd)

agnus (lamb)

stella (star)

infans (baby)

cano (I sing)

laudo (I praise)

do (I give)

donum (gift)


We talked about musical patterns. Vocabulary words included: coda, ostinato, ternary, and rondo.


We made wood block prints and talked a bit about Dürer (we’re using this “Discovering Great Artists” book)



We cleaned pennies with a vinegar and salt solution and then threw some nails in and copper-plated them




And we created a vacuum that sucked a hard-boiled egg into a jar (I had a hard time finding a jar that was the right size for this, but a small maraschino cherry jar was perfect for a large egg)


Full instructions for all 3 experiments can be found in this book


We are still talking about the Maya

And that was our week. We’ll be schooling through this week (taking Thursday off, of course) and the next and then we’ll be taking the whole month of December off to focus of crafting and baking and spending time as a family. I hope you all have a lovely, restful Thanksgiving week.


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