Raphael and Simple Machines

Here’s what we were up to last week.

Language Arts

McGraw-Hill Readers: “A City Horse” and “Perfect Pets”

HOP Spelling: word hunt

Reading Comprehension: choosing the picture that shows a given action/emotion word

Spelling words: food, chop, make, pie, cook, tree

Handwriting sentences: Cool cats play cards.

Danny dances with a dandy dog.

Every evening Ellie eats eggs.

Four foxes and five fish fly to Florida.


Arithmetic: Subtraction with numbers under 20, with and without a numberline, beginning word problems

Time Math: time lapses in minutes

Money Math: none this week because of Thanksgiving


We talked about fulcrums and balanced some pennies on a seesaw made with a ruler and a pencil. (This is the science book we’re using this year)


We talked about Raphael and Brady drew a picture of a mother and child and then antiqued it by painting over it with brown watercolors (This is the art book we’re using this year)


We also did an art and music crossover lesson (inspired by Disney’s “Melody Time” and “Fantasia” both of which Brady has watched recently) wherein I played several different songs for him and had him interpret them visually.

Here’s his reaction to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” 


And here is Over the Rhine’s “I’m on a Roll”


A review of the animal and Christmas words we’ve learned recently


We strained yogurt and made “cheese” which we then turned into a yummy fruit dip by adding honey and vanilla


Of course there was also Thanksgiving dinner


And transforming Brady’s “History Table” into a “Christmas Table”

And Christmas tree finding


blinking Rudolph nose

And decorating


Including Brady’s own mini-tree


Which is now his night-light

And not one

but two visits with Santa


And I made Brady a “Santa’s beard”

And a paper chain advent calendar (in addition to his punch box activity one)

Can you tell I found my scrapbooking paper? lol

And I printed out one Santa picture for each of his Christmases so far and stuck them in ornaments (and then wept softly because OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO MY TINY BABY??)


And that about covers it. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and here’s to a peaceful, productive last week of November



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