Michelangelo and Snowflakes

Here’s what we were up to during our last week before Christmas break.

Language Arts

HOP Spelling: Number words which somehow led to my making a book for Brady (and your kids, if you’d like, the formatting looks weird on Google Docs but it should be fine when you download & print) with the numbers 1-10 in English, Spanish, German, and French and a corresponding shape.

HOP Reading Comp: Writing a sentence to describe a favorite book


Gretchen wears gray glasses.

Hannah hears a hungry hippo.

Inchworms itch in Indiana.

Jumping jaguars tell jolly jokes.

Kind Kelsey keeps kangaroos.

McGraw-Hill Readers: “My Own Team” and “Ready, Set, Go”


Arithmetic: adding and subtracting numbers under 20

Time math: showing time lapses

Money math: making exact amounts of money


manus (hand)

pes (foot)

caput (head)

corpus (body)

auris (ear)

nares (nose)

oculus (eye)

os (mouth)


Using sounds to tell a story


Painting on the “ceiling” like Michelangelo

2012-11-28 14.17.03


Making borax snowflakes

2012-11-28 14.32.482012-11-29 11.31.03


We talked about Mexico this week and checked out a LOT of books from our local library. Here are a few of our favorites:

My Mexico/Mexico Mio” by Tony Johnston

De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children” by José-Luis Orozc

Paper Crafts for the Day of the Dead” by Randel McGee from which we made a paper marigold

2012-11-28 19.14.59

and a skeleton candy dish for the rest of Brady’s Halloween candy

“Count Your Way Through Mexico” by Jim Haskins and

“Cultural Traditions in Mexico” by Lynn Peppas

We wrapped up our Mexico unit last night by having Gramma and Papa over for soft tacos (with homemade tortillas)

2012-12-01 17.30.10

and making the flan recipe from “How Nanita Learned to Make Flan” by Campbell Geeslin

2012-12-01 19.18.09


And now we’re two days into our Advent activities.

So far we’ve made this simple ornaments by tracing cookie cutters on cardstock

2012-12-01 13.41.43


And written a letter to Santa (downloadable template here)

2012-12-02 10.51.13


We’re taking the whole month of December off of our regular schoolwork, but I will be stopping by to share pictures of our advent activities. Wishing you guys a happy, healthy, peace-filled holiday season.

*disclaimer: none of the above are affiliate links*


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