Ancient China, Interpretive Dance, and Playing Catch-up

Language Arts

McGraw-Hill Readers: “Walking the Dogs,” “Adventure in Arabia,” “Letters From a New Home,””The Light of One Candle,” “Sheep Station,” “Messengers From the Sky,” “Lucky To Be Lost,” and “The Ring”

HOP Spelling: words beginning with th, sm, sn, sl, sk, sw, st, tr, sh, wh, cl, fl, gl, pl, ch, qu, br, cr, dr, and fr

HOP Reading: Comprehension: Following written directions, finding the correct word to describe a picture, demonstrating action words

Handwriting: Sentences with words starting with the letters l-z (which completed our handwriting book)

Writing Practice: A new subject we’ve just started in the last week, focusing on proper sentence structure and grammar.  We’re using this book and have, thus far, covered beginning sentences with a capital letter and ending them with a period.


Arithmetic: adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers with carrying

Time math: Time stories (showing elapsed time), I don’t make Brady write the times on the clock or draw the clock hands anymore as this has gotten repetitive and boring instead he says the answer and shows me the time on his teaching clock


Money math: Making exact amounts of money, making change, addition and subtraction problems with money. We do very little work in the actual book now and instead use the given problems and work them out with play money.



“Why Does a Boat Float”: exploring different clay shapes to determine which ones will float and hold the most weight. Discussing the Archimedes principle


“How Does a Swing Work”




and “How Does an Icicle Form”


Full instructions for each project can be find in “The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book

We also made a spring scale


and did a density experiment with oil, water, syrup, a peppercorn, and a small piece of plastic


instructions and materials for those experiments came in a “Young Scientists Club” kit my Mother-in-law picked up at a garage sale awhile back.


Making up symbols to represent notes, recording Brady singing and then playing back the recording and letting him play instruments along with it, moving to different kinds of music, discussion of different types of dance and dances that tell stories.


Drawing tall people (in the style of El Greco)


Chalk-light face (Rubens)


Making faces (Rubens again)


And this Jackson Pollack inspired project (out of chronological order, but it was his birthday)


We’re using this art book


Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras


Ancient China and Japan, Ancient Greece

I also made Paul a TARDIS cake for the 2nd year in a row



and started keeping track of the new recipes we try on this page

We’ve been playing more board games



and have exchanged Brady’s afternoon rest time for a read-aloud/snack time (usually historical fiction for whatever unit we’re currently on)


I have had some health problems this month which have caused us to fall a bit behind schedule on our school work and that has made me wonder how other homeschool moms handle it when life gets in the way.  I tend to pick one or two subjects a day to catch up on so we’ll have an art and math day and then a science project day and then a music and Latin day and so on and we can get caught up (or even a bit ahead if Brady is really into something) within a few days or a week at most. As this month comes to an end we’re caught up and all my vertebrae are back where they are supposed to be so I am holding out significantly more hope for February than I did for this miserable month and I hope you’re doing well too. So tell me, how are things going in your homeschool? What’s your catch up strategy?



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