Small changes

There won’t be a weekly school work wrap-up this week, because we haven’t really done any schoolwork. Poor Brady came down with pinkeye Saturday afternoon and by the time I could get him into the Dr Tuesday he also had an ear infection and possibly strep throat (he does not do anything halfway) so our week has included lots of cartoons, antibiotics, and trying to get my normally ravenous child to just eat something, anything, please, FOR THE LOVE. So, in lieu of the normal wrap-up I thought I would write a bit about the lifestyle changes we have been trying to make lately. We’ve been moving toward a more whole foods, more chemical-free lifestyle for years now as I’ve learned to make more of our foods and cleaning supplies from scratch. This year we’ve decided to choose a couple things a month to change and here’s our rough game plan:

February: * switch out our usual breakfast of cereal or toast for green smoothies

*  begin making our soap (an easy change because I already have all the supplies)

*switch back to the “no-poo” hair washing method

March:       * Get the grains, sugar, and dairy out of our lunches (we’re eventually shooting for a modified paleo-type diet)

*begin making our cleaning supplies (I already make our laundry soap and mopping solution, but want to start

making our bathroom cleaners and whatever else I can find recipes for)

April:         *Paleo dinners

*homemade personal care supplies (deodorant, shaving cream, lotion)

May:           *Paleo snacks

*Begin oil pulling again

*switch to a natural toothpaste or make our own

June:           *By this point our diet should be where we would like it to be and we will have eliminated the vast majority of

chemicals from our home so we will switch our focus to movement.

I know these changes seem small and slow, but I’ve done crash diets and sweeping changes before and they don’t stick. I figure if we keep it to a couple things a month it won’t be overwhelming and hopefully February’s changes will feel like 2nd nature by March and so on. We’ve already done the green smoothies and I feel like I have a bit more energy and I’ve lost a couple pounds just by cutting out that morning dose of carbs. I’m hoping that by June our diets will look very different and that by cutting out the wheat/dairy/sugar/processed food slowly we can do without a lot of the withdrawl symptoms.  Also, these are goals for when I would like to complete these changes, but I’m already working on making our other meals/snacks look more paleo and we are making a point to exercise (and paying ourselves 50¢/half hour into a communal jar that will be used for a fun family outing), but won’t be setting any specific goals until June because after a few months of healthier eating I anticipate our energy levels being better.

And that’s how I’m planning to slowly change our diet in the next few months.  Anyone else switching to paleo/paleo-esque (which is where we’ll be, since we’re vegetarians and I’m unwilling to give up beans as a protein source)/clean eating? Did you ease in or do it all at once? How are you feeling?



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