I’m pretty sure it’s going to start raining frogs soon.

Look, I keep coming here and trying to write a huge catch up, but the truth is we are having A YEAR over here, you guys. Illness, injury, personal tragedy, changes with my husband’s job, the hits just kind of keep coming and blogging is something I don’t really have the energy for. I’ve changed the way we do school, mostly in that I have stopped writing lesson plans.  I get out all of our books at the beginning of the week and B picks a couple a day and I put them back once we get to a good stopping point.  This way I make sure that we’re working on all of our subjects and Brady gets to shape his days in a way that makes school much more pleasant for both of us.

So here is a quick picture catch-up.

Language arts looks like this:

2013-02-24 13.22.44

ever his father’s son

2013-02-18 18.33.40

the writing is coming along

2013-03-05 16.56.39

And he reads everywhere

2013-03-05 20.15.47

no, really

2013-03-10 12.26.12




(have I mentioned he likes to read?)

And math looks like this:


still working through the money math


although we’ve finally finished the time portion of our book


and sometimes we do schoolwork in silly positions

2013-03-18 14.41.20

And we’ve gotten a lot of use out of this adding machine from The Imagination Tree (click for link)

And, of course, there’s science

2013-03-16 11.13.06

Making cleaning supplies

2013-03-18 14.42.29

water clock

2013-03-04 12.41.03

hot and cold sensory experiment

2013-02-15 16.23.24

does air take up space? experiment

We continue to work our way through Central and South American geography

2013-02-21 16.57.41

And we do lots of art

2013-03-18 19.27.43 1360612401631 DSCN2262 2013-03-18 14.22.03 2013-03-14 21.01.42 2013-03-11 14.04.12 2013-02-21 16.29.12 2013-02-14 07.55.59 2013-02-11 11.05.35

And get outside when we can

2013-03-23 15.53.06 2013-03-04 15.14.00 2013-02-15 14.03.36

We surprised Brady and drove 2 hours each way to take him to Chuck E Cheese

DSCN2231 DSCN2238



Brady still likes the occasional “special bath” (although he mostly takes showers)


he called this one, with its glowsticks and bubbles, a “northern lights” bath

And we’ve celebrated Valentine’s

2013-02-13 23.13.56

And Dr. Seuss’ birthday

2013-03-01 11.06.43

green eggs and hashbrowns (since we don’t eat ham)

And St. Patrick’s Day

1363568771035 2013-03-17 18.46.51

Since I last wrote here.

Brady continues to have his very own goofy sense of style


And to be both adorable

2013-03-21 21.43.07

And an evil genius

2013-02-23 11.32.04

I told him he needed to take 5 more drinks. He went and got 5 straws.

We’ve backed off the Latin for now, as it seemed to be boring him and we’ve been enjoying both Salsa and our Play and Learn Spanish book instead. And I think that about catches you up on what our school days have looked like.

The funny thing is that in spite of it everything that’s happened we’re all doing ok.  I would actually describe our days as happy in the midst of all this. We’ve made some really positive changes to our diet, Paul and I are taking some Coursera courses about things we find interesting, I’m now a volunteer tutor with our local community college, and we’re just enjoying spending time together.  I’ve done some rough planning of next year’s curriculum and I’ll be sharing that soon and now that I’ve given you a quick catch up maybe writing here won’t seem so daunting. I make no promises until this year decides to work with me at least a little.

So, how are things in your homeschool?


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