2013-14 Curriculum

This is, tentatively, what we’re planning for next year.  It’s early yet, I know, but I like to plan ahead so I can buy things a little at a time and I thought some of this might be useful to other homeschoolers. Brady will be almost 5 1/2 when we start our new school year in early September.

Here are our 2012-13 curriculum and the one for 2011-12

Language Arts

I won’t be purchasing a reading curriculum because Brady reads at (depending on the assessment) a high 4th to low 5th grade level and he loves it and reads CONSTANTLY and I do not want to detract from that with reading assignments.

Reading Comprehension/Vocabulary: Kumon Reading Grades 3 and 4  We used Hooked on Phonics Reading Comprehension books for grades 1 and 2 this year and really enjoyed them, but I could not find them for the higher grades. I hope Kumon will live up to HOP’s colorful and engaging style.

Grammar: 2nd Grade Writing Practice (and possibly 3rd as well) We’ve been working through the 1st grade version of this book and it is colorful enough to be interesting and repetitive enough to insure understanding.

Creative Writing: Brady has been doing a lot of writing on his own lately, but this “Rip the Page” book seems like it will be a fun addition


I have gone back and forth on a Math curriculum, but have finally decided on Saxon Math (Brady tested into level 1).  He is a very haptic learner and I believe the manipulatives will work well for him as he really enjoys our work with Unifix cubes.


We will continue to do experiments out of the books we already have (Mudpies to Magnets, More Mudpies to Magnets, Everybody Has a Body, The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book, 175 Science Experiments to Amuse and Amaze Your Friends) and we will be adding this Read and Understand Science Grades 2-3 book for a little more in-depth look.


The one thing Brady told me he wanted to learn more about next year was Thomas Jefferson so, instead of continuing our world history curriculum, we are circling back to US History. We will first begin with a study of Native American cultures for which this National Geographic “Indian Nations of North America” book should come in handy (I will link other resources as I find them).  For US history after the Mayflower we will be using these American History Comic Books and Liberty’s Kids videos as well as reading the Little House on the Prarie books and working our way through this neat “Quilt Block History of Pioneer Days” book that I happened upon at a library sale. (again, more resources as I find them)


In keeping with our American theme we will be revisiting “The Little Man in the Map” and working on capitals since Brady already knows most of his states.


We will keep with the theme with this book of “Great American Artists


Meet the Great Composers Book 1 and 2


Having nearly finished Song School Latin (we’re taking a little break, but will return to it soon) we’ll be moving on to Latin for Children


We will continue to use Salsa! games and videos and will be adding this Complete Book of Spanish


Brady will continue swimming lessons and has shown some interest in taking a gymnastics class if I can find him one (easier said than done in our little town, but I will certainly try).


Growing, Growing Strong this book looks like it is geared towards classroom use, but I think I can adapt it.  We also will do units on anatomy and nutrition and I will share the materials for those as we get to them.

As I said this is a tentative curriculum, but this is how our next school year is shaping up. Have you started thinking about next years curriculum yet? Do you have a math curriculum you love? (that seems to be a sticking point for lots of homeschoolers) I’d love to hear what you’re planning.


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