Watercolors and BrainPop

That title pretty well sums up Brady’s interests this week. Here’s what we did the rest of the time:

Language Arts:

Grammar: scrambled sentences, identifying subject

Spelling: color words, personal pronouns

Reading comprehension: putting pictures in “first, next, last” order

Phonics Game: “Copycats” (hard and soft ‘g’, ‘c’, etc)

Favorite library books this week included: “Animal Riddles” “Let’s Go For a Drive” “Dog Loves Drawing” and “Magic Tree House: Summer of the Sea Serpent

Brady also wrote a bio-poem with his daddy in honor of National Poetry Month.


Arithmetic: playing with his Alphie numbers deck and his “Get a Clue” math game

Money math: “how much more?”


Salsa video 106


Brief introduction to music history


We cut an ice cube with a piece of wire

2013-04-03 17.38.18 - Copy


Brady did a ton of painting this week, both with watercolors and our homemade paint (1C flour, 1C water, 1C salt, food coloring), I particularly love his roses.

2013-04-05 14.54.12 - Copy2013-04-05 21.17.40 - Copy


He also asked me to make him a sketch book and then proceeded to design several album covers “for when I’m a rock star”

2013-04-07 13.27.04

Brady has also really been enjoying watching videos on BrainPop lately and over the course of this week he watched videos on:

*going to the doctor

*safety signs


*internet safety

*being a good friend

*hand washing

*colds and flu

*urinary system

*broken bones

*states of matter

*Dr. Seuss

*Thomas Jefferson

Such an awesome educational resource.

Other favorite activities this week:

*hide and seek

*Easter egg hunt reenactments with chalk eggs from his Easter basket

*playing outside in the few minutes of sunshine he could find

*Chutes and Ladders

*Uno Moo

*Trivial pursuit (on the Wii)

*Cut The Rope/Angry Birds/Fruit Ninja on daddy’s Kindle

*Rebuilding his Lego Wipeout course

And last night we said goodbye to Brady’s car bed and, thanks to an early birthday present from Gramma and Papa, moved on to a big boy bunk

2013-04-06 20.32.15 - Copy


Which very quickly became a fort

2013-04-07 11.13.24


And that was our week. How are things in your homeschool?





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