Birthday Adventures

Aka: “Way too Many Pictures” or “Mostly Just for Gramma” 😉

Brady turned 5 a couple of weeks ago and since it was sort of a milestone birthday and we really hadn’t been out of town since we went camping last Summer we decided to take him on a quick little trip up to Portland.

We left the morning before his birthday after having doughnuts while Brady watched his birthday video from Santa (do you guys check that box on PNP, too? I’ve always forgotten about it by the time I get the email but Brady is always THRILLED)



And then there was lots and lots of driving, and a little bit of opening the surprise bags (snack, juice, dollar store toy) I always pack him for these kind of trips



And then we arrived at the Children’s Museum


And played in the Water Works (in the middle of the day there was a lunch break and a change of shirt and I think these pictures will tell you why)

DSCN2388DSCN2430 DSCN2390 DSCN2383

And pretended to be a vet

DSCN2351  DSCN2324DSCN2350

And a director




And a construction worker



A customer and a cashier

DSCN2412 DSCN2410

And finally got to give “Wiccapen” a hug



“Dear Mouse,
Rest well.
Love, Brady”



And send some letters up the coconut tree



And checked out their cool garden maze

DSCN2396 DSCN2394 DSCN2393


Then we were off to check into our hotel and then a quick trip to the Lego store before his birthday dinner with friends


This blew his little mind


And then off to dinner at John’s Incredible Pizza Co. (if you have one near you you should go, like Chuck E. Cheese, but cooler)


My camera died right after we got there so this is the only picture I have of the pizza party.

Then back to the hotel for a special birthday bedtime story and sleep

2013-04-18 22.05.03


Friday was Brady’s actual birthday so he woke up and opened his presents from us



Had breakfast at the hotel


Went swimming (since we hadn’t had time on Thursday)


And headed to the mall for lunch

2013-04-19 12.00.28

Sonic twice in as many days, boy after my own heart

Some birthday cake Dippin’ Dots

2013-04-19 12.19.31


And Build a Bear (which Brady has been wanting to do FOREVER)

2013-04-19 12.56.05 2013-04-19 12.59.04 2013-04-19 12.59.54 2013-04-19 13.02.36 2013-04-19 13.08.53 2013-04-19 13.14.14

Then it was off to the zoo

DSCN2555 DSCN2551 DSCN2538 DSCN2537 DSCN2536 DSCN2534 DSCN2529 DSCN2525 DSCN2523 DSCN2505 DSCN2502 DSCN2497




Then off to spend his giftcards (that he had gotten from some very generous friends the night before) at Toys R Us

2013-04-19 13.31.30

And Barnes and Noble


I cannot even be mad about the germs, I want to do the same thing in that store

And then we headed home while Brady read his new book about anatomy  (thanks, John!)



And insisted on playing his new Angry Birds Star Wars game (thanks, Misha and Katie!)



And reading the other book he got with his giftcard before going to bed



The next day he was up bright and early to go to the kid’s fishing derby with Papa

2013-04-20 08.56.55 399915_10201013569242256_486533961_n 551382_10200995824398646_2017650192_n


And then out for a family birthday dinner with Gramma and Papa and home for cake and presents

947098_10201040138266465_300399837_n  DSCN2632941629_10201040136066410_941453212_n

And a round of his new Sorry Sliders game (thanks, Gramma and Papa!)



And some time with his new telescope



And the 3 days of birthday shenanigans were done. It ended up being a kind of jam-packed 3 days of craziness, but he had a lot of fun (as did we, really, watching him) and although we don’t usually go nearly so all-out for birthdays 5 is kind of a big deal and I’m glad we were able to make him feel really special on his big day 🙂


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