Homeschooling is a moving target

So I seem to do ok with this blogging thing until we have our first few sunny days and then we basically become unschoolers and, although I still record what we do for my own records, I stop writing anything about it here.  We’ve been having a lot of fun playing outside, we’ve started questing (very much like letterboxing, but the clues are about our town’s history/buildings/flora), and we’ve been doing some schoolwork too. I’ve started having Brady write a journal page each day (one sentence and a picture), we’ve been doing a lot of math with Kahn academy, we continue to work on Spanish with Salsa, and we’ve been reading a ton.

We’ve also added another type of schoolwork lately and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here. We made the decision to enroll Brady with K12 for the 2013-14 school year.  This wasn’t something I saw coming, but I do think it is the right choice for several reasons:

1) The K12 curriculum will be supplemental to our regular homeschool curriculum and Brady will be doing a full courseload with each (I’m not a draconian school marm, I promise, my best estimate is that school will take him 2-2.5hrs a day at most since he will be in K with K-12 and is working roughly 2 grades above that)

2) This will give him the opportunity to go on field trips/join clubs/etc (unfortunately the nearest homeschooling group is over an hour away so these things really aren’t available to him any other way)

3) He LOVES it. I mean really, REALLY loves it. I wasn’t 100% sold until we started working our way through a little Summer course they loaded for him, but when I saw him work through 2 weeks’ work in 2 days (doing not only the K-2 but also the 3-5 and 6-8 versions of most activities) I knew we had made the right decision.

So I know I will get some flak for this and I’ve already had some people basically tell me we aren’t “real” homeschoolers anymore, but I am absolutely positive it is the right choice for this child of mine who I cannot seem to schedule enough schoolwork for no matter what I do. lol

It will mean some changes, though. Our schedule come fall will be more rigid (although hopefully only slightly so), he may have to do a bit more writing than he has been (he’ll be a month out from his trigger thumb surgery so hopefully writing will be a bit easier for him by then), he’ll be on the computer a little more.  I think the changes will be mostly positive, though,  and he’s super excited about joining the Lego club (where he’ll get to show off his creations on the webcam) and talking to his teacher on the phone. I’m excited that they use “Handwriting Without Tears” and that we may be able to find local K12 families through their parent directory.

So that’s one change I didn’t expect. I found another when I went to order the language arts books I had planned on buying him for the fall and found out that the 2nd and 3rd grade books would basically be review for him even though we’ve only technically worked through 1st grade. So! I do believe I will be buying my  5 year old 4th grade language arts books (to go along with K12 kindergarten books, Saxon math 1, etc…that is why homeschoolers give you a funny look when you ask them what grade their kid is in lol). I need to sit down and do a final goal review and for last year and edit my curriculum post before we start in September. I’ll try to do that in the next week or two, I’m hoping the organizational spree I’m on will spill over onto this poor, neglected blog as well. I’m taking this week to get all of our stuff reorganized in anticipation of the new school year (and, hopefully, a move in the not-too-distant future): Monday I sorted through all the school stuff, yesterday the toys, today papers, and I’m hoping to get through the clothes and books this week too. And that’s where we’re at right now, still plugging along with some school work and just beginning to gear up for the new year. How are preparations going in your house? How are things in your homeschool?

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