Box Day

We got a call early this morning from UPS.  K12 had given them our PO Box address and we needed to give them the physical address so they could bring our materials. I made the mistake of telling Brady they’d be here today and he spent most of the afternoon in the yard alternately playing and spying on every car that turned down our road. Finally at close to 7pm, when we’d decided that it would probably actually be tomorrow that brown truck pulled in the driveway and Brady lost his ever-loving mind. He kept yelling “It’s Christmas, mommy! It’s just like CHRISTMAS!!” Here he is with his boxes.



And here’s what was inside them.







History/Social Studies:



Language Arts:








and Phonics:



I have one very excited little boy on my hands tonight. One who will likely be jumping into these books tomorrow lol.  Our books for our main curriculum continue to trickle in and I will likely take similar pictures once I have them all in hand.  This is going to be a very busy year, but I’m excited about our materials and I think we’ll have a lot of fun.

How are things in your homeschool?


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