2013-14 Goals (mine and Brady’s)

Now that I’ve looked back at the goals from last year I guess it’s time to look forward and decide what we’d like to focus on moving forward. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on for the coming school year, divided by subject.

K12: If we choose continue with K12 for the year (since we are doing it on a trial basis) I expect to get through at least Kindergarten and 1st grade this year.

Language Arts: 

Reading Comprehension: I would like Brady to be at a 6th grade level in both reading and comprehension by the end of the year. That is 1 grade up in reading and roughly 2 in comprehension, he’s been gaining a couple of levels per year so this seems reasonable.

Handwriting: This is the area in which I expect to see the most improvement this year since Brady had trigger thumb surgery a little over a week ago and can now hold a writing utensil correctly for the first time. We will be working through Handwriting Without Tears with K12 and I would like to see his handwriting at a 1st grade level by the end of the year.

Spelling: Brady is a remarkably good speller for how rarely we’ve worked on this subject, but ideally I’d like him to catch up to his reading level by the end of the year.

Creative Writing:  As with any subject we do the first year is about exposure, he’ll have fun going through the “Rip the Page” book with his Daddy (who is taking on a subject for the first time this year 🙂 and hopefully learn some techniques as well.

Math: We’re still working on fundamentals here. I think he has a good foundation: he knows how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with manipulatives or a number chart; he understands, can label and complete patterns; he knows all of his shapes (plane and 3d), etc. Our goal this year is the memorization of math facts which will allow us to move on.

Science: This will be the first year using a formal curriculum (through K12), which should be interesting. The only goal I ever really have for this subject is to keep it fun and encourage him to explore outside of our more formal experiments.  Brady would like to learn about the urinary system (as if there is anything he doesn’t already know about it lol) so we’ll do that in as much depth as we can and a more generalized anatomy unit as well.

History:  Last year we played around with History a little bit with our history tables and units, this year we’ll have fun while being a bit more formal in our approach.  By the end of the year I’d like him to have a rough grasp of US history (I’m not expecting more than a very basic outline at this point) and to be able to name, let’s say, 20 presidents (it’s a nice round number and nearly half, seems like a good starting point).

Geography: Brady already knows the vast majority of US states so this time we will be focusing on learning the capitals and major cities.

Art: Since we are working through a book about American artists this year I’d like Brady to be able to recognize/identify 5 (random again, but 1 for each year of his age seems fair) major American artists and just have fun learning exploring new methods and materials.

Music: Last year was theory, this year is music appreciation, next year I think he’ll be ready to start lessons. I’d like him to be able to identify 5 (in keeping with the age theme) songs by classical composers by the end of the year.

Spanish and Latin: I’d like him to be able to have a basic conversation in both languages by the end of the year (basic introductions, colors, numbers, nothing too crazy)

Health: Looking over “Growing, Growing Strong” I believe it will mostly be review for him, but we’ll be focusing on things that keep us healthy and safe this year and I will likely tie home ec in here as well with a nutrition unit or two.

Enrichment: The game plan this year is:

*Swimming lessons (starting in October)

*4H (starting in September)

*Monthly field trips with the FB homeschool group I joined (starting in September with an outing to pick apples 🙂

*Campfire “Firetenders” scouting

*Maybe team sports (if he’s interested and we can find them in our area for his age group)

which should keep us plenty busy 🙂

So those are my goals. Here’s what Brady said when I asked him:

Language Arts:


* Reading

*More K12


*Addition and Subtraction


* Volcanoes and lava

* Urinary system


*Barack Obama

*Mitt Romney

*Thomas Jefferson


*Africa (this was out of left field, luckily I picked up a coloring/workbook about Africa at Dollar Tree awhile back so we’ll probably work through that before school starts)

*different flags (I hadn’t though of this, but it could be a fun unit and I’ve seen some neat posters that would help)


*I haven’t decided yet


*Books about Beethoven


*Ways to stay healthy like eating healthy food


*words for different foods


*animal names (we’ve already done a few of these, time for a review I think)

So I think we’re on the same page with most things, a few will need adjusting but that’s just part of the process. I’m excited for the start of this year, I think it will be busy but fun and I think we’re going to learn a lot.  As always our main goal is the same as Ms. Frizzle’s

That’s what we’re planning. How are things in your homeschool?


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