1st week wrap-up

So the fact that I meant to write this on Friday and it is now Tuesday night? Probably doesn’t bode well for this blog. I don’t want it to fall completely by the wayside, though, as I’ve started to look at it as sort of our homeschooling scrapbook. I need to set some sort of alarm for Friday nights or something. Anyway, here is what we were up to last week.

We started on Wednesday, which I thought was weird as we usually start the day after Labor Day but it made sense to start both curricula the same day so we did. I even wrote a wrap-up of our first day here (here’s last year’s  , the first week of 2011-12, and the very first post on this blog back in 2010-see what I mean about it being a scrapbook? Also MAH BABEEEE).  Things are going really well so far. We’re having a lot of fun with the K12 stuff, but it is mostly just fun (I do think he’s actually learning a bit in History) and I am glad that we did not decide to rely on it for academics.

Here’s what we covered during our short 1st week:

Journal questions: What are you most excited about at the start of the new school year? What is your favorite game? Draw a picture of you as a superhero and tell me about your powers. (His journal is a composition notebook that has a blank space at the top of the page for pictures. Each day he draws a picture and writes a sentence to answer the question.)

HWT: N, M, and a review of what they call “Frog Jump Capitals” (F, E, D, P, B, R, N, and M)

K12 Math: addition word problems, intro to subtraction, estimating, subtraction to check addition

K12 Literature: fairy tales (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel)

K12 Language Skills: comparison and travel words, “Red at Night, Sailors Delight,” “The Little Elf,” and “This Little Pig Goes to Market

K12 Phonics: (we just test through these units) o, d, g, k, v, short a and o, i, qu, z, short a, i, and o

K12 History: Spain

K12 Science: wrapped up 5 senses unit with discussions on taste and touch

4th Grade Reading: synonyms, dictionary guide words, prefixes “pre-” and “mis-”

3rd Grade Spelling: last week’s word list was short a and o words: bath, hobby, than, damp, bottle, lots, trash, flock, pocket, flap, odd, fact, gallon, and pattern.  We also talked about words for groups of animals.

Maps/Geography: This book is very thorough, last week we discussed floor plans and how to find a seat by reading a ticket.

US History: We read a bit about the Maya, Aztec, and Inca cultures

Music: We read about Bach and listened to some of his music

Spanish: we worked on counting to 10

Health: 5 senses

We also went to a Not-Back-to-School park day on Tuesday with our local group which was a lot of fun. We’ll be picking apples with (hopefully) a lot of the same people next week.

And that was our week. How are things in your homeschool?



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