Third times the charm

So I’m 3 weeks behind on weekly updates already. Oops.  The addition of K12 has been a bit of an adjustment, but we’ve also found lots of fun activities to do lately so updating here has been pushed down the list a bit.  I do like to keep track of what we’ve done, though, and to be able to look back so here’s a gigantic catch up post that will hopefully get me back in the swing of writing here.  Here’s what we’ve covered in the last few weeks.

Language Arts

Journal:  Favorite website? Favorite place you’ve ever been? What do you want to be when you grow up? Favorite thing about Daddy? Favorite food? Favorite book? Favorite STEM game? (have you guys checked out Sesame Street’s new section, btw?) Favorite thing we did today? Favorite thing at playgroup? Something you’d like for Christmas? Favorite weather? Favorite thing about October? What do you want to do after schoolwork today? Favorite thing to do when it’s cold?

B was dressed as Darth Vader for schoolwork on this day and so remained in character and answered "Favorite place you've ever been?" with "Defeating my son." and this picture.

B was dressed as Darth Vader for schoolwork on this day and so remained in character and answered “Favorite place you’ve ever been?” with “Defeating my son.” and this picture.

HWT: X, Y, Z, C, O, Q, G, S, A, I, T, J, c, o, s, v, w, t, a, d, g,

Creative Writing: x marks the spot; word spiral; What do you wish you could see?; What are you thankful for?;What have you never told anyone?; repetition

2013-09-29 19.08.50

Spelling:  goal, fail, away, most, alone, awake, chose, crayon, coach, raise, vote, scale, locate, police; high, easy, wheel, busy, smile, street, lucky, wipe, might, between, mile, area, twice, equal; cool, rule, lose, noon, true, move, mood, grew, clue, scoop, dew, root, dune, pollute

We have also discussed irregular past tense verbs, adding -y to make an adjective, dictionary guide words, and the prefix -un as part of our spelling lessons

Reading: synonyms, antonyms, fact vs opinion, homophones, guide words, using an index, summarizing, using a table of contents, -less

K12 Language Skills:  “Lady Bug, Lady Bug”, “Little Boy Blue,” “Sing a Song of Sixpence,” “Hushabye, Don’t You Cry,” “Bed In Summer,” “A Bear Went Over the Mountain,” haikus, “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater,” “Cat Kisses,” “Hickory, Dickory Dock,” “Teddy Bear,” “Patty-Cake, Patty-Cake,” “The Land of Counterpane,” “Johnny on the Woodpile,” various finger game rhymes, “The Three Foxes,” “A Good Play,” “Three Little Kittens,” “The Storm,” and “We’re Racing, Racing Down the Walk”

These sections also covered vocabulary having to do with: opposites, writing, manners, traffic, ordinals, sequences, growing, adults and babies, and homographs

K12 Literature: “The Velveteen Rabbit,” “Rare and Wonderful Pandas,” “The Lion and the Mouse,” “Caps For Sale,” “Emperors of the Ice,” “Make Way for Ducklings,” “The Elves and the ShoeMaker,” “Migrating Monarchs: A Butterfly Vacation,” “A Story, A Story,” “Spider and Turtle and Good Manners,” “The Wombat and the Kangaroo,” “Go, Kangaroos, Go!”, “Insects of the Rainforest,” “Tikki Tikki Timbo,” “The Story of Chicken Little,” “The Foolish Rabbit,” “Being Nosy About Smells,” “Diamonds and Toads,” “Talk,” “That’s Tasty!”, “The Story of Tom Thumb,” “Thumbellina,” “The Popcorn Book,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Ox-Cart Man,” “Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ears”

"Make Way for Ducklings" pic

“Make Way for Ducklings” pic

We finished K12 Kindergarten phonics and language and are nearly done with handwriting and literature so we should be moving up to 1st grade in language arts within a week or so.


Solid figures (the final unit for K12 Kindergarten); count (by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s), write, compare, and order numbers through 50 and then 100;  time to the hour and 1/2 hour; direction and position words; addition in any order; plus symbol; equals symbol; writing number sentences


K12: What’s Alive?; What do plants and animals need?; growth, change, decomposition; seeds; plant structure; plants as food; trees

2013-09-29 19.05.53

All About People: babies and toddlers; blood

Health: Germs and hygeine; hair; teeth

We did those plaque disclosing tablets, he thought the purple was hilarious

We did those plaque disclosing tablets, he thought the purple was hilarious



*The Netherlands: We read “The Little Hero of The Netherlands” and built a dike out of playdoh

2013-09-17 16.42.11

* Russia: We watched a Reading Rainbow episode on “Rechenka’s Eggs” and Brady decorated a Fabrege-style egg printout


* Italy: We watched a video of “Strega Nona”

* China: We read “The Story of Ping” and “The Tale of Two Dragons”

Dragon boat and paper lantern

Dragon boat and paper lantern

*Japan: We read “How My Parents Learned to Eat” and “Momotaro, Peach Boy”

*India: We read ” The Blind Men and the Elephant”

2013-10-06 23.41.37

US History: Iriquois; the importance of horses and buffalo to Plains Native Americans; Columbus; Ponce de Leon; Northwest Passage; Estevanico

Maps and Geography: symbols and keys; street maps; mapping a route

Social Studies: needs vs wants; using resources carefully

Music: Handel, Haydn, Clementi

Field trips:

*Homeschool group playgroup

*Apple picking


So far we’ve made spiced apple cider and this apple cake, tomorrow applesauce and sometime this week probably apple pie. Let me know if you have an apple recipe we need to try.

2013-10-04 13.17.15 2013-10-04 13.49.10

*Theater Pub (to see “Turbo”)

2013-10-04 16.00.26

someone got an icee, bet you can't guess which flavor

someone got an icee, bet you can’t guess which flavor

*Pumpkin Patch



*Fall leaves (paint on wax paper) in the window

2013-09-29 19.00.04

*Painted mini-pumpkins

2013-09-29 19.09.23

and, as always, various drawings/paintings/etc on his own

He's been drawing me a lot of flowers lately. It's kind of the best thing ever.

He’s been drawing me a lot of flowers lately. It’s kind of the best thing ever.

And that about covers it I think.  How are things going in your homeschool?


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