Advent-Day 1


We do an advent activity calendar every year. Since Brady enjoyed last year’s punch-box version so much I made him the same kind this year.  You’ll find the instructions/recipes for most of these activities on that old post as well, but there are a few new ones here.

The activities list is:

1) Hanukkah (we try to incorporate lessons on other cultures into our projects as often as possible and this is a fun/easy way)

2) Write a letter to Santa

3) Paper snowflakes

4) Make oatmeal chocolate chip and thumbprint cookies

5) Fill “Project: We See You” bags with our homeschool group

6) Get a Christmas tree

7) Breakfast with Santa (put on by our local Lion’s club every year)

8) Sea of Lights (the Christmas event at the local aquarium)

9) Make clay ornaments (We’ll be using this recipe, on Monique’s recommendation)

10) Buy a toy to donate

11) Make superhero ornaments (coat the inside of the ornament in the color of the superheros costume and then stick a sticker on the outside)

12) Decorate a gingerbread house

13) Go to a movie

14) A neighboring town is putting on a Dicken’s Christmas thing and we’ll be checking that out

15) Go out for pie and coffee/hot chocolate

16) Drive around to see the Christmas lights (with cocoa and a scavenger hunt)

17) Make sugar cookies

18) Make peppermint puff cookies

19) Make pinecone birdfeeders and a lesson on Yule

20) Movie night at home

21) Make Russian Teacakes and lebkuchen

22) Make peppermint bark and fudge

23) Deliver cookie trays

24) Open a present (pjs and maybe a new movie to watch before bed)

And here are pictures from today’s Hanukkah celebration/lesson.


Handprint Menorah

We spent some time listening to Pandora’s Hanukkah station



Made homemade sufganiyot filled with strawberry freezer jam



And latkes (with homemade cinnamon applesauce on the side)



We played with a dreidel


I caught him right as he yelled "Gimel!" lol

I caught him right as he yelled “Gimel!” lol

And read The Hannukah Mice and Light the Lights: A Story About Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas

By which point we were all ready for bed. How are the holiday’s treating you guys so far? Anything fun planned?






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