Advent-Day 2

Today’s activity was writing a letter to Santa. I let Brady type it since he had some other handwriting to do for school during the day and I didn’t want it to be overwhelming.  He is REALLY into typing lately and likes to message back and forth with his Gramma and Papa when he talks with them on Skype and I feel like, in this day and age, handwriting and typing are probably equally useful skills so more power to him. We saw Santa at a local toystore last Saturday but it never hurts to write a letter, too, especially if you’ve changed your mind. 😉


dear santa,
how have you been? I’ve changed my mind and now I want an android tablet. I’ll leave you some cookies and I’ll leave your reindeer some celery.
(picture of Santa with his bag)
Merry Christmas

We usually leave the reindeer carrots, I guess Brady thought they’d like a change. Celery it is.

We also turned in Brady’s writing work sample for K12 today. He was to draw a picture and write a story about it. At his age they expect a sentence or two, but he just kept bringing me page after page and this is what he eventually came up with:


The Rose, the Christmas tree, and the Grapes

One day the Rose, the Christmas tree, and the Grapes met up. But later that day the Christmas tree was tree-napped. But the other friends were taking a nap. Grape finally woke up and woke up Rose and they both said “Where’s Tree?”. So they went outside, but he wasn’t there. So they checked the backyard, but he wasn’t there. So they never found Tree. Now they weep because they never found Tree at all. Tree was lost forever. He was tree-napped in the Earth. But when tree was a teen when he was at his first day of high school they found Tree! Tree said “Hi, I haven’t seen you since I was 8 years old!” So they said “Did you travel in a wormhole?” Tree said “Yes, why didn’t you think so?” So they had to put a rotten banana in the waste basket and then they went to talk to the principal. They went home at noon and played a lot. They were playing until and evil animal put Tree in a cage until they destroyed the evil animal. So they went back to Foodville and they lived happily ever after.

The End

I love the wormhole reference. lol

We are taking the month of December off of our regular schoolwork and have been trying out a sort of block schedule with K12 so today was a science day and we talked about different land and water forms and then made some playdough and modeled rivers, mountains, valleys, lakes, etc

1386028405811 1386028297436

We’ve been reading at least one Christmas book a day lately. Today’s choices were Emily and the Snowflake and How Santa Got His Job

And we ended the evening curled up on the couch watching Charlie Brown (with a Charlie Brown cup, the boy loves a theme)


Hope the holiday season is treating you well.


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