Advent-Day 6

Tree day! Tree day may be my favorite day of the year. I just love everything about it. The smell, the lights, all our homemade ornaments. Normally we get our tree the day after Thanksgiving, but today was the first day we could make it work with my husband’s work schedule. Such is life. And then we woke up this morning and this happened

1386349912307 1386347664514 1386359178084 1386349855758 1386350443719

And I thought we might have to postpone it again, but Gramma and Papa showed up in their 4-wheel drive truck and we were off.


In the truck on the way

In the truck on the way

We normally go to a cut-your-own farm, but the crappy weather meant we chose a nearby farm store instead. We brought it home and after having breakfast-for-lunch with Gramma and Papa we got down to decorating.

1386370311841 1386369436168


I just love it so much.



I also set up my husband’s little tree from his childhood bedroom



Still looking for the lights for the little one that goes in B’s room and I need to hang the stockings and then I think we’ll be done with the Xmas decorations 🙂 How is your holiday prep going?


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