Advent-Day 10

Today’s activity was to buy a toy to donate. I never take pictures of this one, because it feels weird to do so, but when Brady saw the card this morning he declared it his favorite activity and I love how much he genuinely enjoys carefully choosing a toy and imagining the other child who will have fun with it.

School-wise it was a science day and we talked about pollution, conservation, and recycling. We also did an experiment that showed how rain can wash litter and debris into the water and harm the animals that live there.



And Brady was supposed to make a little nature book with pictures of plants and animals he sees in our yard. Instead he wrote the “Book Of No Harm to Earth”


and inside he wrote:

Don’t put trash on the ground.

Don’t put chemakls (sic) in the air.

Don’t hurt people.

Never hurt trees.

Never hurt animals.

 and on the back he wrote “by Brady PC Inc.” (PC stands for Pretend Channel which is the imaginary network on which Brady hosts a variety of hysterical shows including “The Brady Survey” during his showertime).  Good rules to live by, all of them.

Also, when we went to the library Brady picked out “Schoolhouse Rock: Earth” and we watched it when we got home. 

Tonight we tried this peanut butter fudge recipe which, while not the best fudge I’ve ever had, was certainly the easiest I’ve ever made and it was a fun little evening project.


we stirred in chocolate and butterscotch chips, Brady was a big fan

And Brady also finished (well, nearly finished, as some of those pieces need to be glued in place) his sculpture of our cat Aidan that he started yesterday



No Christmas bedtime story tonight (he chose Ezra Jack Keats’ “Pet Show” instead), but we watched “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” this evening which is always a favorite.


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