Advent-Day 12

Today was gingerbread house day. Brady has been asking about this activity every morning for the last week so he was THRILLED.

2013-12-12 13.14.10 2013-12-12 14.15.582013-12-12 14.15.362013-12-12 14.15.182013-12-12 14.14.562013-12-12 14.14.38


We had storytime through K12. She read The Dog Who Belonged to No One and then Brady wrote his own story about a lost dog.

For our main schooltime we talked about Native American tribes of the Southwest and the great plains.

Brady read “When Clay Sings” to his cat (excuse the floor is was post-gingerbread-pre-vacuuming)

2013-12-12 15.49.13


And painted a clay pot

2013-12-12 22.25.24


We also listened to a Comanche story called “How the Buffalo Came to the People” and made a tipi

2013-12-12 22.26.26


For tonight’s bedtime story we listened to the cd that came with our copy of The Polar Express (read by Liam Neeson, of all people) and then I put Brady to bed listening to the audiobook version of Hour of the Olympics.  Our day basically revolved around making things (there was some Christmas crafting in there, too)  and listening to stories.  How is December treating you?


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