Advent-Day 14

Today was absolute insanity, start to finish and I have no pictures but we had a lot of fun.  Brady and I woke up when my husband was getting ready for work at around 5 and never got back to sleep so we headed out around 7:30, picked up breakfast and headed to a white-elephant kid’s shop in a town about 45 minutes from our house.  This is the 3rd year Brady has done this and he LOVES it because the volunteers take him back and help him wrap his gifts so he ends up with presents for Gramma, Papa, daddy, and I that are actually surprises. Then we stopped by Gramma and Papa’s house, did a little Xmas shopping, stopped at McDonald’s so B could play for awhile, and (along the way) gave away 2 of the blessing bags that we made earlier in the month and donated a couple small toys.

Then it was back home for just long enough to grab a snack, assemble stockings, put away groceries, and wrap a present before we headed back out.  This evening a neighboring town put on a Dickens Christmas celebration that began with “A Christmas Carol” put on by Traveling Lantern Theatre Company.  The festivities also included carolers and actors walking main street in period clothing, a tree lighting, model trains, popcorn balls, making 2 different kinds of ornaments (one a simple cardboard cut-out, the other clay that we can pick up next week after it has been fired and glazed), an old-timey Father Christmas and (if we were not gluten free/vegetarian) bangers and mash or a traditional Christmas meal.  It was lovely and cold and, after wandering up and down the fairly steep street for 2 hours, we came home thoroughly exhausted.  Tomorrow: Bowling With Santa! (and remembering to bring/charge my camera! 😉


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