Advent-Day 19

Today was pinecone birdfeeder day

2013-12-19 13.45.33 2013-12-19 13.58.58 2013-12-19 14.05.02


For schoolwork we attended a virtual storytime and listened to The Oldest Elf. And we talked about the Abenoki and Iroquois peoples and listened to “Little Thunder and Running Brook Help the Family,” “Catching a Porcupine,” and “How Chipmunk Got His Stripes” and then Brady played a little matching game

2013-12-19 14.28.22


He also wrote several news reports and brought them to me to read

2013-12-19 20.06.59

“Don’t let villians hurt you. 4 days ago I saw on the news on CBS I saw that a kid ran away from home.” Pages and pages of this stuff, some very serious and some absolutely hysterical. He’s decided he wants to be a journalist after watching an episode of “My Little Ponies” that involved a school newspaper. I’m pro anything that gets him to practice his handwriting.

And read his kitty a bedtime story (or 4)

2013-12-19 20.59.23



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