Onward in 2014

Happy new year, guys!  We had a lovely evening with Gramma and Papa last night and a playdate with some of B’s friends today and it was a really nice way to start our year off.  I always make a few resolutions/goals and I thought I’d take a second to look back at 2013’s and set some for this year.

So last year my main goals were:

*To continue trying new recipes with a goal of 52 for the year.  I actually hit 54 (that I remembered to write down, there were likely a few I missed) and we are eating an increasingly plant-based and now gluten-free (since I finally figured out that’s what was causing some ongoing health issues for me) diet so I’d call this one a success.

*To read more, with a goal of 20 books for the year. I managed 22 last  year and read some classics that I had wanted to check out for awhile.

*To move more.  I think this one was kind of a wash, but I’m not going to feel bad about it because I spent this year working on my and my family’s health in ways that were meaningful at each particular moment and one of the things I have really learned in the last couple of years is when to cut all of us some slack myself included.

For this new year I decided to play along with oneword365 and choose a word that I would like to focus on this year and for me I would like 2014 to be a year of moving ever onward.   There are a few fronts where we need some forward momentum after staying in one place too long and this year I’m going to focus on that progress.

One of the ways in which I would like to continue down the path that we’ve started is by continuing to reclaim my identity outside of being a wife/mother/homeschooler.  I did a fair amount of that last year by making time to read and try new recipes.  I also took a few Coursera classes and began volunteering as a GED tutor through the local community college.  Reading and experimenting in the kitchen have become part of my daily life and so I’m not going to set goals for those things. Instead I’m going to try to make time every day to create something whether that’s a cake or an quilt or a crocheted washcloth. It doesn’t need to be something I can finish in a day and it doesn’t need to be an all-day thing, but I find that I feel more centered when I carve out a little room in my day to create and so I’m going to try to be mindful of that. Oh, also! I want to learn to knit this year. Last year I taught myself to crochet so that seems the next logical step.

I’d also like to spend more quality time with my husband this year.  His work-schedule is crazy and I’m always busy with school stuff and house stuff, but Brady is getting old enough now to be left with a sitter a little more often so we can try to squeeze in a date night more often and we’ve been trying to make a point to watch a movie or play a game together after B goes to bed on the nights Paul is home in the evenings.  Little things like that are so important to nurturing a relationship and I don’t want to neglect them.

And I think 3 is plenty. Keep moving, create more, don’t forget about your husband.  I think that about covers it 😉  How is your new year shaping up? Any resolutions? Big goals or plans?  Here’s to a wonderful 2014 all around.

2 thoughts on “Onward in 2014

  1. Love it! Especially the goal to carve out time daily to create. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m carving out space, which will let me carve out time! Hoping once I get our bedroom out of boxes, and my craft stuff gathered from the far corners of the house, I can do this too!

    How did you find the Coursera classes? I’ve thought of taking some, but am unsure.

    • I just searched on the site. I started with a really fun basic physics one and then took courses on genetics, ancient Greece, and the Affordable Health Care Act. I’ve made space for my son’s projects, but for now mine are mostly done on a tv tray that I just move to wherever I am. We’re hoping to move to a larger house this year and one of the requirements we have is more space for projects (I’m a quilter/crafter, my husband is a writer/homebrewer, and my son is homeschooled so we’ve always got a ton of things going 😉

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