Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today started (as all St. Patrick’s Days should) with Lucky Charms in green milk.


Then school time which consisted of:



*Cutting (a shamrock)


*Spelling pre-test (did you know my child could spell parasite? Neither did I.)


*Vocabulary (compound words this week: countrymen, downpour, peppermint, dewdrop, bedspread, windowpane, patchwork, ferryboat)

*Literature (“The Ugly Duckling” I have always HATED that story)

*Writing/grammar (verbs)


*Science (we made a homemade rain gauge)


*Monday Meeting (she read “Llama Llama Mad at Mama”)

*Music (we listened to Celtic Woman and Flogging Molly lol)

This morning a friend called about a playdate and I invited her family to join us for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner so ,after schoolwork, we picked daddy up at work, grabbed Subway for lunch (counter-intuitively one of the easiest places to find gluten-free options), and picked up a few things at the store and got home a few minutes before our friends arrived.  I served potato soup, this soda bread (which I made with rice flour), green grapes, kiwis, limeade

2 drops of food coloring in a giant pitcher of limeade turns it antifreeze green just fyi ;-)

2 drops of food coloring in a giant pitcher of limeade turns it antifreeze green just fyi 😉 And yes, that is a Lord of the Rings glass. I live with nerds.

and mint-chocolate-chip ice cream with york peppermint patty syrup and whipped cream for dessert.  (Our friends also brought over shamrock shakes when they came so we’ve definitely had our mint/chocolate fix for awhile :-p)


The history channel has a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day videos which we didn’t get to today but will try to make time for tomorrow.

We didn’t have any St. Patrick’s Day books so Paul read “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?”  (in an Irish accent because he’s good like that :-p)



When I asked Brady if I could get a picture of him in his green pjs I got this. I think I captured his essence lol



Hope you all had fun days as well 🙂


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