Curriculum Ramblings

Ok, so I did not do so much of the writing on the blog thing this school year. Life has been nutty (we moved, I had some health issues, etc) and I haven’t really had a whole lot to say. The game schooling experiment went pretty well. I think Brady actually learned a lot and we had a lot of fun, but we’ll be adding in a bit more traditional curriculum this Fall because a)he’s 7 which is the compulsory age in Oregon so I feel like we should be getting a bit more serious and b) the game schooling, while fun, can take a lot longer than book work and I would like to shorten our school days a bit by combining the two. So let’s talk curriculum because I love it and because I want to hear what other people are using because I’m not 100% sold on everything I have planned and I’m always looking to pick other homeschoolers’ brains before I buy stuff. Here’s what I, tentatively, have planned for next year (as always, these are not affiliate links I just like to share what I find and you can also find posts for 2014-15 curriculum, 2013-14, 2012-13, and 2011-12 if you’re interested)

Language Arts: Michael Clay Thompson Level 1 (we will be following their recommended Literature course as well)

Creative Writing: We’re still plugging away at Rip the Page (sometimes Brady is interested and sometimes he isn’t, I don’t push it) and we like Rory’s Story Cubes and Tell Me a Story cards as well as Dixit. This year we will be adding Elegy for a Dead World as well

Science: We have done a hodge podge of experiments and things up until now, but I feel like it’s time for something a bit more organized so, to that end, we will be doing Real Science Odyssey Life Level 1

Technology: We will be working on learning to code with Code Academy and Scratch 

Engineering: It seems like every year I add a new building toy. This year it is Engino .

Math: Brady asked to learn algebra this year, so we will be doing Hands on Equations

History: We will be reading through Mankind the Story of All of Us and watching the videos as we go.

Geography: Mapping the World By Heart

Social Studies: Moving Beyond the Page Social Studies 7-9

World Religions: (I wouldn’t start this yet, but he’s interested so we’re jumping in early) The Kids Book of World Religions and A Young Person’s Guide to Philosophy

Art: This is forever one of the subjects that I can’t seem to find a satisfactory curriculum for, but my plan is to pair our existing Discovering Great Artists book with Khan Academy art history videos and maybe some lessons from Art Tango and hope that I can cobble together something workable. I’m open to suggestions in this area for sure, though.

Music Appreciation:   Meet the Great Composers II

Music Theory: , Music Tales app

2nd Language: Brady is studying French through a Babbel app and German with Duolingo

PE: B spends at least a couple hours a day at our apartment complex’s playground and the pool will open soon for the season.  He has a Wii and Kinect as well as a Gorilla Gym and a mini trampoline in the house for rainy days as well. We will probably sign him up for Karate lessons again soon, though, as he seemed to enjoy them, but I tend not to be too concerned with him getting enough exercise because he is in perpetual motion 😉

And I think that’s about it. What are you planning for next year? Do you have an art (or secular history) curriculum that you love?

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