52 Recipes

I’m trying to average 1 new recipe per week in 2013 and keeping track of them here.

1)KFC coleslaw clone

2) More technique than recipe, but I tried out this idea for transferring buttercream designs onto a cake.

3) This carrot cake recipe was ok fresh out of the oven and better the next day.

4) Sengalese Mafe made vegetarian with some suggestions from a friend (modified recipe here)

5) Crazy cake (I made the chocolate variety)

6) Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Frosting (a 1/2 batch was plenty for the crazy cake)

7) Mexican sweet potato skins (made w/o the cilantro because NO)

8) Mexican baked eggs (see 7)

9) Poutine (I made a veggie gravy and used shredded cheese instead of cheese curds)

10) Asparagus frittata

11) Cinnamon swirl pancakes

12) Fluffy pancakes

13) Chocolate chunk cherry bread

14) Kumquat marmalade with honey

15) Black bean and quinoa veggie burgers

16) 3 ingredient Blueberry Banana pancakes

17) Bread machine soft pretzels

18) Perfect lemonade

19) Cinnamon-swirl banana bread

20) Stuffed mini peppers

21) German pancakes (I have made these before, but this was a new recipe to us and turned out really good)

22) Creamy tomato soup

23) Oopsie bread (ew. NO.)

24) Corn Bread and Bean casserole (I used spaghetti sauce instead of plain tomato sauce, homemade taco seasoning in place of the spices,  gluten free cornbread mix, added corn, topped w/cheese before the cornbread and cooked in the oven instead of the crockpot)

25) Limeade

26) Gluten free brownies

27) Gluten free apple cake

28) Cream cheese frosting

29) Aztec chocolate rice pudding

30) Sauteed apples

31) Gluten-free zeppole

32) Apple nachos

33) Sliced baked potatoes

34) Quinoa mac & cheese

35) Baked potato halves

36) Les Chouquettes

37) Broccoli and rice in 3-cheese sauce (totally made up. I sauteed an onion, cooked equal amounts of rice and broccoli and mixed them all in a beschamel sauce with cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and a little pepper and garlic powder. Simple and really good)

38) Blondies (with a nutella swirl)

39) Mix-in-the-pan pie crust

40) Apple pie with brown sugar streusel 

41) Stuffed pepper dip (another made up recipe. Diced rainbow bell peppers mixed with rice, taco seasoning, black beans, and tomato sauce. Topped with mozzarella, served with tortilla chips)

42) Gluten-free waffles

43) Gluten-free banana bread

44) Blueberry Clafoutis

45) White bean “meat”balls

46) Gluten-free chocolate pie

47) Gluten-free cinnamon rolls

48) Gluten-free dinner rolls

49) Gluten-free green bean casserole

50) Cream of mushroom soup

51) Gluten-free cinnamon bread

52) Old-fashioned pancakes (works well w/gf flour)

53) Gluten-free sugar cookies

54) Snickerdoodle muffins 

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