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Michelangelo and Snowflakes

Here’s what we were up to during our last week before Christmas break. Language Arts HOP Spelling: Number words which somehow led to my making a book for Brady (and your kids, if you’d like, the formatting looks weird on Google Docs but it should be fine when you download & print) with the numbers … Continue reading

K is for kitchen sink muffins

Letter of the week: K Number: 10 Word family: ‘-ap’ This week, in addition to the little word family book (“Hap Can See“) I made up some tracing sheets with Brady’s full name and the word families and sight words that we’ve been working on. I covered them with contact paper and Brady uses his … Continue reading

Advent calendars and visual schedules

I have a few more pictures to take before I can write the week in review, but I made a couple quick projects this week and I thought I’d share them with you. First, this advent calendar: I’ve been keeping an eye out for an advent calendar for a long time and I can never … Continue reading