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Spring, Easter, and William Blake

Still working to get back in the habit of writing here and I know this week is almost over, but here is what we were up to last week: Language Arts Reading: everything Grammar: capitalization and punctuation for declarative sentences, deciphering/rewriting jumbled sentences Spelling: s/es plurals Reading comp: sequencing We’ve also been reading “Magic Tree … Continue reading

Finding Our Groove

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is its flexibility. It grows and adapts as our family’s needs change and I am perpetually tweaking things so that they fit our lives/Brady’s learning style just a little bit better. Our schedule is no exception and I had lately been wanting to do away with … Continue reading

Advent calendars and visual schedules

I have a few more pictures to take before I can write the week in review, but I made a couple quick projects this week and I thought I’d share them with you. First, this advent calendar: I’ve been keeping an eye out for an advent calendar for a long time and I can never … Continue reading

Weekly lesson plans

So I’ve finally got all of Brady’s school books and I’m working out our lesson plans for the year. I ordered 3 science books, 2 sort of general science and one called “Everybody Has a Body” that is sort of anatomy for preschoolers and I’ve decided to tackle one aspect of each book every month. … Continue reading