Advent-Day 24

As is tradition today’s advent activity was opening a gift. Brady insisted Daddy open his, too (luckily they matched 😉     Then we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (at lunch time since Paul worked this evening) And set about preparing tomorrow’s simple menu Fritatta and snickerdoodle muffins for breakfast   Veggie soup for … Continue reading

Advent-Day 23

Today was the cookie tray delivery day. It was also scrub-the-house-top-to-bottom day   and smiley-face-pancakes-for-dinner day (just because   Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Advent-Day 22

Another day of making things Fudge Hats   Peanut butter cookies w/M&Ms This gluten-free cinnamon bread Baskets   Memories of the night my 1/2 Guatemalan child discovered the Viva La Navidad music channel on Dish And time to watch “A Christmas Carol” with these guys (Brady said (of Marley’s ghost) “He…doesn’t look very healthy” and, … Continue reading

Advent-Day 21

Today we made gift tags. I took white contact paper, traced around cookie cutters, let Brady color them in and then cut them out. Could not be simpler or faster. We also made wrapping paper. First with markers and stickers and then with paint and cookie cutters (from his playdough tools, not ones we use … Continue reading

Advent-Day 20

Today was supposed to be a movie night at home, but ended up being a go out to dinner and drive around looking at the lights while eating ice cream night with Gramma and Papa instead which was even better.  Schoolwork today mostly consisted of tucking in the big bed and reading Ramona the Brave … Continue reading

Advent-Day 19

Today was pinecone birdfeeder day   For schoolwork we attended a virtual storytime and listened to The Oldest Elf. And we talked about the Abenoki and Iroquois peoples and listened to “Little Thunder and Running Brook Help the Family,” “Catching a Porcupine,” and “How Chipmunk Got His Stripes” and then Brady played a little matching … Continue reading

Advent-Day 18

Another quiet day full of Xmas crafting. We’re seeing the light  at the end of the tunnel, though. Today’s activity was making cookies. Brady chose peppermint puff cookies Unfortunately subbing rice flour did not work quite as well this time as it has with the other cookies, and they came out looking like this So … Continue reading

Advent-Day 17

Today was pretty low-key. I spent a lot of the day working on Christmas gifts and school consisted mostly of a School House Rock video on money and some reading time, I’m also going to count the time Brady spent talking to his Gramma on Skype as spelling practice since he ends up typing most … Continue reading

Advent-Day 16

Today began with showing Brady his yearly email from Santa (free and super-fun if you haven’t made one yet) Today was a science day for school and we discussed farming.  When asked what a baby cow was called Brady said “a half” and when I asked for clarification he said “You know, like half-and-half?” (I corrected … Continue reading

Advent-Day 15

This morning we went to a bowling with Santa thing at the local bowling alley and, since we were the first ones there, we actually got to bowl in the same lane with Santa. Some little boy was THRILLED. Then we came home, hung the ornament he made at yesterday’s Dickens Christmas thing and then … Continue reading