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Robot wrap-up

This last week of March has been about wrapping up several things. We finished our  Pre-K Hooked on Phonics, we have one more week  of US geography (see this entry for tips on teaching geography to preschoolers), and of course we wrapped up this month’s Science and Anatomy themes (Robots/simple machines and organs respectively). This … Continue reading

Robots and fractions

Last week my heart broke for Trayvon Martin. We worked in a community garden (and Brady enjoyed some of the spoils) We had Papa’s birthday (I clearly should have made the frosting thicker) And I dyed my hair blue just for fun Here’s what we were up to school-wise. Letter of the week: Z Word … Continue reading

Robots part deux

Another day, another robot lunch (I’ve totally created a monster here): This has been our second robot week and, of course, has included some St. Patrick’s Day fun too. Here’s what we’ve been up to. Letter: Y Word family/book: “-ap”/”I Like to Dance” Unifix activity: We worked on division this week. I wrote problems on … Continue reading


Our theme this month is robots, here’s what our first week looked like: Letter: X Word family/book: ‘-am’/”Shhh!” Unifix activity: We finished the book I bought to go with our unifix cubes so last week we used  them to work through multiplication problems on the white board: Time math: Writing time to the half hour, … Continue reading

Fine-motor robots

We’ve been really focusing on improving Brady’s handwriting lately (the poor kid seems to have inherited my problems in this area) and a large part of that is doing a variety of fine-motor activities.  First I downloaded Homeschool Creations’ preschool robot pack and stuck the pre-writing pages in Brady’s Crayola Dry-erase Activity Center.  He’s been … Continue reading