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Gameschooling DITL

We’ve basically switched over to our mostly game-based schoolwork (we school through the Summer) and I kind of wanted to capture what that looks like for us. Handwriting: Letter pooch on his Innotab Grammar/writing: MobyMax lesson on question words Reading comp: short story+questions on MobyMax Literature: *BrainPop video on Charles Dickens *reading time(he’s currently blowing … Continue reading

What school looks like for us now

So I had gotten into the habit of writing here again in December and then we spent January mostly testing through units of K12 stuff so we could get him moved up to a more appropriate level and that wasn’t really worth writing about and by the time February rolled around it was like “Blog? … Continue reading

First Day of School DITL

So today was our first official day of…well, let’s put it this way Brady asked me what grade he was in yesterday and I had no idea what to tell him lol Kindergarten, chronologically, 3rd or 4th if we’re going by most of the work he’s doing. Anyway I followed him around with a camera, … Continue reading

When playgroup is canceled

All weekend I had talked to Brady about today’s playgroup. He helped me make homemade puff paint for the art project, I got up this morning and packed a picnic for our planned trip to the Aquarium afterwards (which I had told him one of his little buddies might join us on) and helped him … Continue reading

September Homeschooling DITL

I thought I’d do a picture entry every so often, mostly so I can see how our school day is evolving. Here’s what school looks like for us right now. This morning started out with breakfast and then a couple hours at playgroup. ┬áBrady played with toys, sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “If You’re … Continue reading