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Advent days 11-24

I took a bit more a blog hiatus than I had originally intended, but we had/are having a lovely holiday. We’re not quite done celebrating since we decided to include the Icelandic Christmas trolls this year, a leftover from my own childhood,and we won’t wrap up until January 5th. Here’s what we did for the rest … Continue reading

Advent Calendar Days 1-10

Here’s what our December has looked like so far Day 1: Cardstock ornaments Day 2: Letter to Santa   Day 3: Buy a present to donate (no pictures of that, but we also made these fun brownies that day)   Day 4: Salt dough ornaments (we used this microwavable recipe: her’s took 3 minutes, mine … Continue reading

floating grapes and flu bugs

I’m half a week late writing the wrap-up, in part because Brady has his first tummy bug of the season towards the end of last week and we’ve had to play a little bit of catch-up. Here’s what we were up to on our 7th (already!) week of school: Language Arts Scholastic Readers: “Kids Clubs … Continue reading

Spaghetti Bath!

We often do theme baths around here, but this week we tried something new inspired by an idea I saw on “Growing a Jeweled Rose” and I thought I’d share. I started by dumping about a pound and a half of cooked spaghetti into the tub and tinting the water red with a little food … Continue reading

Our New Home(school)

We’ve ended up taking more of a Summer break that I had originally intended, mostly because (after over a year of living with my wonderful in-laws) we finally found a place to rent. So there was packing and unpacking and a two-weekend garage sale and then Paul’s vacation time came right on the heels of … Continue reading

Snow Day!

We rarely get snow here at the coast, much less snow that sticks so when Brady looked out the window this morning and saw this: He declared it “the best day EVER in the world!!” After breakfast he got bundled up like the little Whovian he is (how awesome is this Dalek scarf/hat set? So … Continue reading

Through his eyes

An interview with Brady, stolen from here , always interesting to see how they see you: 1. What is something I always say to you? “Happy Birthday!” 2. What makes me happy? “When I beep your nose” 3. What makes me sad? “When you get me to time out” 4. How do I make you laugh? … Continue reading