First week

Of…second grade. I guess? If we were counting or he went to public school which we don’t and he isn’t so I guess it doesn’t matter. The first week went well, though. I think our materials are a hit and he’s learning a lot. I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I might when … Continue reading

First day

I don’t write here much anymore, but I like doing a DITL post on our first day. It serves as sort of a homeschooling scrapbook and allows me to look back and see how our days have evolved. Brady woke up at 4 this morning asking to open his schultüte and start his schoolwork (I … Continue reading

Curriculum Ramblings

Ok, so I did not do so much of the writing on the blog thing this school year. Life has been nutty (we moved, I had some health issues, etc) and I haven’t really had a whole lot to say. The game schooling experiment went pretty well. I think Brady actually learned a lot and … Continue reading

1st Day

1st Day

Today was our 1st official day of “gameschooling.” Normally we would start the day after labor day, but I work tomorrow and wanted the first day to be at home. Here’s how it went. First morning snuggles with the homeschool mascot Then Brady got up and tore into his schultute. I love this tradition 🙂 … Continue reading

Gameschooling DITL

We’ve basically switched over to our mostly game-based schoolwork (we school through the Summer) and I kind of wanted to capture what that looks like for us. Handwriting: Letter pooch on his Innotab Grammar/writing: MobyMax lesson on question words Reading comp: short story+questions on MobyMax Literature: *BrainPop video on Charles Dickens *reading time(he’s currently blowing … Continue reading

2014-15 curriculum/resources

So we’ve changed things up again by pulling B out of K12. I’ve gone back to work part-time as a nanny and we were no longer near a computer for the required weekly contacts. I also just didn’t feel like he was getting much out of it. We’ve been using the materials we have as … Continue reading

Goofballs and Gorilla Gyms

This goofball, you guys. I canNOT. Last week was Brady’s Spring Break and we had a really nice, quiet break. We had some friends over and went to the aquarium and arcade. played a lot of board games  celebrated Papa’s birthday Devoted lots of time to snuggles and Netflix and even more time to breaking … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today started (as all St. Patrick’s Days should) with Lucky Charms in green milk. Then school time which consisted of: *Journal *Handwriting *Cutting (a shamrock) *Spelling pre-test (did you know my child could spell parasite? Neither did I.) *Vocabulary (compound words this week: countrymen, downpour, peppermint, dewdrop, bedspread, windowpane, patchwork, ferryboat) *Literature (“The Ugly Duckling” … Continue reading

What school looks like for us now

So I had gotten into the habit of writing here again in December and then we spent January mostly testing through units of K12 stuff so we could get him moved up to a more appropriate level and that wasn’t really worth writing about and by the time February rolled around it was like “Blog? … Continue reading

Onward in 2014

Happy new year, guys!  We had a lovely evening with Gramma and Papa last night and a playdate with some of B’s friends today and it was a really nice way to start our year off.  I always make a few resolutions/goals and I thought I’d take a second to look back at 2013’s and … Continue reading